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Top 5 benefits of switching to cloud-based video services

  • A single platform for all devices is key to satisfying mobile viewing demands
  • Creating high quality on-demand services helps your business to reduce complexity and cost
  • Cloud-based security will ensure your business can hold and distribute premium content safely and effectively

Subscriber demands for video are constantly changing, with requests for more on-demand and multi-screen content, anywhere and anytime. But while consumer demands for video might constantly change, your business does not have to get left behind – you can embrace cloud video services platforms and deliver new services quickly and effectively. Companies that tap into the power of a cloud services platform can improve their margins and subscriber experiences, producing five big benefits.

  1. Deliver content to any device and across any network

    With a cloud-based approach, the functionality you need to take that next step can be rapidly implemented and delivered. The ultimate outcome, via the creation of a single platform for all devices, is that you can start anywhere and scale everywhere. Your starting point might be the delivery of on-demand sports content to specific devices in the lead up to a major event. Your end-point could be the creation of a much broader channel offering in terms of packaged sports content, targeting a much wider array of video devices. Our cloud services platform allows your business to reach this transition point at a pace that is right for your business.

  2. Ensure quality of experience is maintained

    The quality of your content service is paramount and your business needs a service that automatically checks for concerns regarding video reliability and quality. To do so effectively requires visibility across video processing systems, preparing the content, the network delivering the service, and the client playout of the content. The cloud will deliver value in many key areas. For example, in encoding, which looks at the original source content and checks whether video degrades as it is processed. Network analytics, meanwhile, can provide a layer of insight regarding the impact of transport on video quality. Your cloud partner must also provide visibility on video quality across different clients.

  3. Transform your video services with a cloud platform: Succeed in a fragmented marketplace

  4. Make it easier to discover great content

    The discovery process should not just be reliant on the viewer. Rather than a user searching for content, a high-quality video service will allow content to find the customer. Cloud-based video services can support your business as it attempts to create great discovery processes. Intuitive search – through voice recognition, for example – will help users discover new content in a more natural and seamless way. Another key discovery element comes through recommendations, whereby the service suggests similar content based on topical or contextual references. An additional layer of discovery comes in terms of personalization, where great content is recommended to your viewers based on user history and preferences.

  5. Create high quality services on-demand

    If your organization has a short window to deliver new content for a major event, for example with sport or news content, it can use the cloud to access capability quickly without having to worry about traditional concerns, such as data center provision. High quality software-as-a-service is more than just a means to increase the speed of delivery. Moving to on-demand services also helps your business to reduce complexity and cost, so instead of maintaining your own hardware, your cloud partner manages the services on their infrastructure. Estimates suggest world-class SaaS can produce as much as a 15 per cent reduction in monthly video expense per subscriber.

  6. Benefit from superior security

    Any company that successfully bids for high-value content will want to ensure their investment is protected. Uncompromising, cloud-based security will ensure your business can hold and distribute premium content safely and effectively. Your whole business is only as secure as its weakest link, and that weak point could be anywhere: your back-office systems, your network, or consumer devices. The cloud allows your business to create a consistent approach across all systems and devices, to create seamless security across the video delivery chain.

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With a cloud partner that can offer one platform for all devices, and by focusing
on experience, world-class software-as-a-service and uncompromising security, your business will be able to deliver the innovative and differentiated video services that will attract and retain subscribers.