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Customer Story

TeraGo Networks Inc taps Cisco Platinum Learning Library to lead Canada's network service provider market

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TeraGo Networks Inc boosts IT skills, masters new technologies with Cisco to deliver fast, reliable services

Providing fast, reliable, secure cloud, colocation, and connectivity services for enterprise customers can be a challenging and competitive undertaking. Canadian service provider TeraGo Networks Inc relies on the Cisco Platinum Learning Library for the high-quality, up-to-the-minute, online certification, product and technology training it needs to streamline operations, maintain peak skills, enhance security, and help customers benefit from the latest in Cisco technologies.

Osman Mohamednur is TeraGo Networks Inc's director of planning and engineering. He and his team of 27 networking and IT professionals are responsible for network design, provisioning and support for TeraGo Networks Inc's 3000 business customers, spread across 46 major Canadian markets, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

It's a challenging job, and a big responsibility. Mission-critical systems have to be available 24 hours daily – quickly, reliably and securely. What’s more, to keep its business competitive, TeraGo Networks Inc needs to make sure its services are built on the very latest networking technologies available. To maintain peak performance, Mohamednur has become a master at boosting his team’s skills to their highest level.

How TeraGo Networks Inc is using the Cisco Platinum Learning Library

Up-leveling capabilities

Mohamednur takes advantage of the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to maintain and advance his team’s certifications, boost security across the ecosystem and build vital skills in new technologies like next-generation firewalls, Cisco network automation, network programmability and virtualization. Knowledge of these new technology areas has already enabled Mohamednur to dramatically reduce development time on customer network design projects.

According to Mohamednur, training is a vital component of his team’s success. “As director of engineering, I’m convinced that training is essential. Since we joined the Cisco Platinum Learning Library, we’ve really benefitted from the breadth of training available. ” Mohamednur says “The majority of my team has used the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to get to the next level of certification, [including] CCIE, CCNP, CCNA. We’ve been using it a lot in the routing and switching domains and in data center knowledge because these are primary focus areas for the company. ”

Using the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to up-level capabitilies has been so effective, Mohamednur has determined to use it extensively with a new team that has come under his management. “Now we’re putting a roadmap together for them to achieve new certification levels that they need to reach within a defined period of time,” explains Mohamednur. The Cisco Platinum Learning Library makes a team-wide program like this possible because of the breadth of training it offers.

Boosting security

Security has become a major focus as well. Mohamednur says, “Personally, I’ve been using the Cisco Platinum Learning Library heavily in the security domain. I’m a big believer that security is part of the whole ecosystem, and we need to keep an eye on it and upgrade ourselves in this knowledge area. Cisco Platinum Learning Library training has helped us make the right decisions about what kind of hardware to use, and the security parameters we need to establish to maintain our customer networks. It’s really been invaluable. ”

Mastering new technologies

To drive efficiency and maintain TeraGo Networks Inc's position as a leading-edge supplier of network services, Mohamednur's team is leveraging the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to build skills in new technology areas as well. Mohamednur says his teams are using the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to get up-to-speed on next-generation firewalls, Cisco automation, network programmability and virtualization. For Mohamednur, it's all about maintaining cutting-edge skills needed to remain competitive as a team and as a business.

Major benefits

Multiply design efficiency five to six times

Mohamednur says that Cisco Platinum Learning Library training is delivering tangible benefits that have made a significant positive financial impact on the company. One powerful example is in the area of network programmability. Mohamednur encouraged one of his team members to take network programmability training from the Cisco Platinum Learning Library. Through the training, the worker broadened his knowledge in Python to automate scripting. The new skill has enabled him to reduce network design time from four hours to less than one hour for each customer, in addition to other benefits. That's been a critical asset.

More competent team knows how to do things right

The breadth of training available in the Cisco Platinum Learning Library has enabled Mohamednur to drive an effective certification program for team members across his organization. This has resulted in two major benefits. First, Mohamednur finds that certification dramatically enhances the competence level of individuals and teams. According to Mohamednur, “What I have seen now is that whenever we have people who are certified, their competence is significantly different than people that just come into the job market without any certifications. And that individual competence is very important. ” It means Mohamednur’s team has become a valuable strategic asset to the company.

But there’s an even more lasting benefit. Mohamednur finds that certified team members don’t just have better individual skills. They also have a better understanding of the right way to do things. Mohamednur says, “Certifications enable us to do things differently – do them the right way.” And that carries long-term benefits.

Supercharged field teams

Finally, Mohamednur has found that the Cisco Platinum Learning Library has enabled him to supercharge the capabilities of some team members, allowing them to accomplish much more in the field. For example, the Radio Frequency (RF) team, which is part of the engineering team, designed and maintained a customers’ network wireless services. Recently, Mohamednur had some of this RF team members take the Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND) training courses. “Now the RF team can cover key basics in their day-to-day work, which has really streamlined our processes. Now they have a basic knowledge of how to configure vLans, and perform basic IP troubleshooting, which has enabled them to do much more than their regular RF work, ” said Mohamednur.


  • Deliver fast, reliable, secure cloud, colocation, and connectivity services for enterprise customers across Canada
  • Maintain a competitive edge by providing top-notch services at a great value
  • Stay ahead of customer requirements by mastering the latest technologies
  • Drive peak efficiency by arming teams with the knowledge and skills to do things right

Cisco Platinum Learning
Library solutions

  • Leveraged the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to up-level and maintain team certifications
  • Used routing and switching and data center training to boost core skills
  • Expanded skills to drive enhanced security across the whole ecosystem
  • Built team skills in next-generation firewalls, Cisco automation, software-defined networking, and virtualization to boost productivity and stay ahead of customer need

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, Mohamednur expects to continue to leverage the Cisco Platinum Learning Library to up-level his team's skills. The breadth of training available, and the ability to take training anytime, anywhere makes the Cisco Platinum Learning Library a strategic asset integral for Mohamednur to keep TeraGo Networks Inc on the leading edge.

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