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Smart City
Expo World Congress

 Fira Barcelona, Spain

If you attended Smart City Expo World Congress 2019, we hope you walked away with a better understanding of how Cisco is helping to drive your smart city and community goals by leveraging key pillars around inclusivity, innovative ecosystems, governance, financing. healthcare, education, public utilities, and more 

If you were not able to attend or missed any of the in-booth theater sessions or demos, we invite you to learn more about our solutions today.

Future of Public Sector Blog Series

What does the Future of Public Sector hold? In a constantly changing landscape, we have the opportunity to write the future of public sector today – with every network we build, every building we connect, and every connection we create.
Read Cisco’s innovative new series here.

See video highlights of how Cisco solutions are helping to create safer and more robust communities.

Products & Solutions

Cisco Portfolio Explorers for Public Sector

Our Cisco Portfolio Explorer is an online interactive experience that showcases the breadth and depth of the impact Cisco drives. It is available in all the relevant public sector industries. In each industry experience, explore use cases that solve customers' challenges and accelerate innovation across their environments. Explore how architectures come together to position Cisco as a transformative business partner.