Country Digital Acceleration Strategy

Create value for the country, its economy and citizens

What is Country Digital Acceleration?

Switzerland recently became part of Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program - a long term strategic partnership with national and regional leadership, industry and academia to accelerate the national digitalisation agenda and create new value for the country, its businesses and its citizens.

This plan, developed in Switzerland, articulates the modernisation of national infrastructures. It includes the creation of new jobs while ensuring economic equality through re-skilling, the digitalisation of public services and the increase in innovation capabilities, to capture the social and economic opportunities ahead of us. This will be done in such a way that privacy and security come first in order to promote trust in technology. Our aim is to deliver on common welfare, quality of life, sustainable development, cohesion between regions, cultural diversity, national and international security and stability in the digital world. 


Cisco promotes technological education and training for young professionals and workers of all ages and professions.


Cisco helps healthcare organizations expand access to and deliver data-driven care and transformation facilities.

Digital Society

Attracting people and economic development to villages through new digital services and strategies. Take a look into the future!

National Infrastructure

Switzerland is already a key transport hub in Europe. We will expand that lead with digital intelligence.

Cybersecurity and Defence

No digitization without security. That's why Cisco is committed to greater security, transparency, and trust.

Cisco Networking Academy

We are investing in tomorrow, by building capable, next-generation technology talent today. Check how the Networking Academy is making an impact on Swiss Education.


New solution for healthcare

Unispital Basel: digital solutions for patient care

Cisco, the University Hospital Basel (USB) and the Zurich-based software company Leitwert AG have developed a solution for the automated query of patients' vital signs with mobile sensors.

With the help of Cisco access points, for example, heart and respiratory rate data can be continuously read from mobile sensors and transmitted within the secure hospital network. Thanks to this continuous monitoring, the treatment team receives significantly more health information, instead of just once or three times a day via manual "point measurements".

Energy saving alliance

The energy saving alliance by the Swiss Confederation was created to introduce measures to reduce the energy supply moving forward. Find out how we at Cisco are supporting the efforts in Switzerland by having joined the alliance, and what we are offering for businesses to support the efforts to ensure the security of supply this winter.

Our National Critical Infrastructure matters

As other modern societies, Switzerland is highly dependent on the continuous operation of critical infrastructures, read the latest blogs from Erick Caron, our expert!

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