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Country Digital Acceleration Strategy

Create value for the country, its economy and citizens

What is Country Digital Acceleration?

Switzerland recently became part of Cisco's Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program - a long term strategic partnership with national and regional leadership, industry and academia to accelerate the national digitalisation agenda and create new value for the country, its businesses and its citizens.

This plan, developed in Switzerland, articulates the modernisation of national infrastructures. It includes the creation of new jobs while ensuring economic equality through re-skilling, the digitalisation of public services and the increase in innovation capabilities, to capture the social and economic opportunities ahead of us. This will be done in such a way that privacy and security come first in order to promote trust in technology. Our aim is to deliver on common welfare, quality of life, sustainable development, cohesion between regions, cultural diversity, national and international security and stability in the digital world. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Modernize national infrastructure

Foster innovation, skills and education

Create new jobs and digitize public services

Ensure safety and security

Cisco Switzerland Digital Acceleration programme aligns to the Swiss Government's Digital and Industrial Strategies with 4 focus areas :

Healthcare and Education

Switzerland has been constantly ranked one of the most innovative countries in the past years, with high living and healthcare standards, while having the 2nd most expensive healthcare system in the world. To further strengthen and maintain Switzerland's excellence in education, research, innovation and healthcare, our aim is to further support and develop the workforce by up-skilling to new job profiles to seize digital growth opportunities and at the same time optimize healthcare processes to manage costs by leveraging digital technologies.
Supporting the government objectives, our education and healthcare track will drive the adoption of digital skills by providing the necessary access to appropriate content and platforms including Networking Academy and CyberSecurity Academy to accelerate digitalisation of the healthcare and education sector.

National Critical Infrastructure

As other modern societies, Switzerland is highly dependent on the continuous operation of critical infrastructures. Disruptions may have rapid repercussions for the population and can affect other critical infrastructure through cascading effects. Ten sectors are considered critical at the national level, most important are including energy, transport, information and communication technologies, public administration, public safety, and transport.

For instance, a large-scale power blackout in Switzerland will also disrupt the water supply, telecommunications, and rail transport. The goal of Cisco Swiss CDA program is therefore to support the Swiss government and private sector to maintain the operability of these critical infrastructures by providing, creating and leveraging new innovative solutions (AI, Cybersecurity, Automatization, Engineering etc) for these sectors.

CyberSecurity and Defence

We at Cisco are convinced that security is most effective when it works as a comprehensive, fully integrated system paired with underlying processes and skilled resources.
Understanding Switzerland’s decentralized structures in the public and private sector, Cisco aims to foster and be part of the local ecosystem to support the National Cybersecurity Strategy of the government.
Based on our state-of-the-art security technology we’ve created a CyberSecurity Academy in order to skill the next generation of Cybersecurity Specialists. Our aim is to support Switzerland's national interest in protecting information and communication infrastructure from cyber threats.

World Digital Village

Switzerland is a "network of villages". With 89% of municipalities below five thousand citizens, each village has some common and some specific challenges and needs. We aim to create replicable next generation services for smaller communities and their citizens, in order to reduce desertification, improve quality of life and leverage technology as an enabler to solve some of their most pressing issues. These include citizen services, mobility, infrastructure, tourism and remote assistance. Aligned with federal and cantonal digital agenda, the world digital village objective is to bridge the digital divide, grant equal opportunity and non-discriminatory access to services.



The new AI/ML era

What do you need to successfully deploy AI and machine learning in your organization?


Your Education Matters

Did you know that only 1 out of 10 employees have sufficient digital skills for
today's job requirements? Our education aims at driving the adoption of digital skills by
providing the necessary access to appropriate content and platforms including
Networking Academy and CyberSecurity Academy.

Cisco CyberSecurity Academy

For the first time in Switzerland, Cisco offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity Program that leads to the Swiss Federal Diploma. This program aims to bridge the gap caused by the frightening shortage of Cybersecurity Specialists we are facing in the Swiss market. 

Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy courses are available on educationdigital.ch for free and enable you to gain basic and advanced knowledge in the areas of networking, security, Internet of Things (IoT) and Linux fundamentals. In addition, business-related courses, such as entrepreneurship and digital skills, are also available.

Your Health Matters

Did you know that the Swiss healthcare system is under immense pressure?
See how digital solutions are providing an unique opportunity
to maintain the high standard of the Swiss healthcare system,
optimize processes and keep costs in check.

Our Security Matters

Over the last few decades we all embraced a new way of communication
and internetworking. However, digital networking has also led to information and
communication infrastructure being abused for the purposes of crime, intelligence gathering,
terrorism and power politics or its operation being compromised.
Discover how Cisco is protecting of Switzerland against cyber risks
in our Whitepaper.


Your Village Matters

Attracting people and economic development to villages through new digital services and strategies.
Take a look into the future!


Our National Infrastructure Matters

Switzerland is already a key transport hub in Europe. We will expand that lead with digital intelligence.

More to come soon.




What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is disrupting organizations in every industry at a global level. Here in Switzerland we are committed to harnessing Digital Transformation to break down barriers between people, processes and technology so that organizations can create new products and services, and find more efficient ways to run their business.

By bringing together connectivity, IT security, automation, and analytics, organisations of all sizes can:

•    Create new customer and citizen experiences
•    Transform business models
•    Empower workforce innovation
•    Unlock the power of data

  • For an SMB, Digital Transformation means sustaining flexibility for rapid growth, accelerating competitive advantages, and remaining as agile as if they still were a start-up.
  • For a CIO, Digital Business Transformation is about becoming a business partner and leader of the transformation. By making digital disruption a priority, CIOs can change boardroom perceptions about IT. Instead of being seen as a restrictive and costly overhead, IT can be the enabler and differentiator of your organisation’s strategy.
  • For a country, Digital Transformation means improving productivity, innovation and quality of life across the whole country. This is at the heart of Cisco's Swiss Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) Strategy. CDA is a pioneering strategy in partnership with government, business and academia to harness digital technologies to help realise the vision of a digital Switzerland.


Want to learn more about Digital Switzerland? Are you interested in a partnership?

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Contact our Digital Acceleration Experts

Raffaello Dolci, 
Head of Swiss Digital Acceleration Team

Garif Yalak,
Head of Healthcare and
CDA Switzerland

Joel Curado,
Head of World Digital Village,
CDA Switzerland

Christoph Koch,
Head of Cybersecurity and
CDA Switzerland

Erick Caron,
Head of National Critical
CDA Switzerland