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Connected Schools Switzerland Pilot

Unleash the potential of video conferencing in education

Video conferencing has the potential to address multiple opportunities at schools: 

  • You are facing challenges to find teachers in specific areas, in your region? Why not connect a teacher to your class room remotely?
  • You want to bring the learning of other languages in a more interactive and playful way? Let's connect your classroom to other linguistic regions across Switzerland!
  • You want to promote cultural differences exchange? Connect your class room to other countries!
  • You want to invite an expert to your classroom from anywhere for any topic? Why not invite an astronaut to your classroom via video conferencing?
  • You want your pupils to be aware of internet, cybersecurity, digitisation advantages and the risks that come with it? Why not providing them with up-to-date knowledge out of the box?

Apply as a school for our "Connected Schools Switzerland Pilot".



  • Drive inclusion and cultural exchange. 
  • Improve student engagement and learning agility in different areas.
  • Address teacher shortage in many regions.


  • Allow classroom to run German, French and Italian lessons with their twin-classrooms in other linguistic region of Switzerland.
  • Public / private partnership to provide proper knowledge content.


  • An interactive Cisco Webex whiteboard, with document sharing, video conferencing to interconnect German, French and Italian speaking classrooms.

Apply now with your specific use case

Let us know more about your school and your needs. Send us your application for the Connected Schools pilot with the following info:

  • Why you want to enrol & potential benefits for your school
  • Timeline, your requirements and expected outcome
  • Any other relevant info that you think is important for us to know

Education in Cisco Country Digital Acceleration strategy

Cisco Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) strategy is a long-term strategic partnership with Swiss leadership, industry and academia to accelerate the national digitalisation agenda and create new value for Switzerland, its economy and its citizens.

Education is a relevant area of this program. To further strengthen and maintain Switzerland's excellence in education, research, innovation and healthcare, our aim is to support and develop the workforce by up-skilling to new job profiles, to seize digital growth opportunities and leverage digital technologies.

Digital solutions and content are ready to be implemented and prepare the Swiss education system for the future. Be part of the journey, reach out to us to learn more about our solutions and partnership models