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At Cisco we believe that your contact centre platform should enable your organisation to be agile in the way you interact with customers, should deliver a truly connected customer journey across all types of interactions and should be easy to deploy and intuitive to use.

Whether you are creating a new contact centre or looking to upgrade an existing platform you have grown out of, Cisco provides you with an effective way to start delivering tomorrow's customer collaboration today. You simply select the solution that aligns to your contact centre needs and then deploy it your way, either as a premise-based solution or as a hosted cloud-based solution.

Tomorrow's Contact Centre: The Solutions...

Unified Contact Centre Enterprise

UCCE delivers a comprehensive contact centre platform capable of supporting every type of interaction with your customers including voice, email, chat, social and web-collaboration. It provides a single solution that enables you to manage your contact centre more effectively while delivering the right tools to agents to make them more effective.

Capable of supporting contact centres with many thousands of agents across multiple geographies, UCCE is truly an enterprise-class platform delivering on the needs of your contact centre today while providing the foundation for tomorrow's customer collaboration.

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Packaged Unified Contact Centre Enterprise

Through a rapid deployment process, Packaged UCCE enables organisations to quickly gain the value of a comprehensive Cisco Contact Centre solution while reducing business disruption, risk and cost.

Packaged UCCE combines the power and capability of the UCCE solution with the contact centre best practice that we have gained from many deployments. Delivered as a pre-configured solution, it is ideal for mid-sized contact centres, providing you with a quick-start while laying the foundation of a comprehensive solution that can adapt and scale as business needs change.

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Unified Contact Centre Express

UCCX leverages the capabilities of our Enterprise platform to deliver a solution specifically designed for smaller contact centres. It enables small to mid-sized contact centres from 1 to 500 agents to cost effectively put in place a comprehensive contact centre platform that enables you to be more efficient, effective and improve the experience you deliver to your customers.

What is more, as your contact centres grows, you are able to simply migrate your Express platform to our Enterprise solution.

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Integrating Social Channels
With Cisco SocialMiner

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Transforming the Agent Desktop
With Cisco Finesse

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Transforming Customer Experience
With Smartphones

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Video Enabling the
Contact Centre

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