Unknowns are all around you

CISOs today are in charge of defending businesses against unknowns inside and outside the network, on devices and the cloud – all of which are always evolving. It’s time to see what’s happening in the cybersecurity landscape.

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Every organization’s cybersecurity culture comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. CISOs not only have to explore ways to close potential gaps, but they also need to ensure businesses are prepared in the face of unknown malicious threats.

To stay one step ahead, CISOs are now proactively combating these security threats across their people, processes and products to defend their organizations.

Take a look at some findings from our Cisco 2019 Asia Pacific CISO Benchmark Study Statistic:


50% who have migrated to the cloud cited better data security as an important motivation


41% engaged more than 10 cybersecurity partners, in a challenging multi-vendor environment


33% paid upwards of $1mil after their most severe security breach


Cisco 2019 Asia Pacific CISO Benchmark Study

Navigate the ever-changing security landscape with insights from security leaders around the region. Equip yourself with knowledge from security leaders to defend your network and organization against the unknown.

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