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Take cyber action as an end-user

Cyber attacks can have far-reaching ramifications that include financial and reputational losses to companies.

Top cybersecurity challenges end-users face

As an end-user, security sometimes takes a backseat to efficiency. However, it only takes one click for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. End-users need to be aware of the prevalent security threats facing the organization. Discover the basics of working securely in this digital age.

Here are 4 things you can do:

Be secure from the start

As an end-user, you might not think security is a primary concern and you only have to meet the minimum requirements. However, skipping any step with testing and inspections should not be cultivated. Learn how to consider security when developing projects at work

Spot the phish

Your email inbox could have messages that pose a threat to your organization. With 30% of phishing emails being opened, security must begin with you. Learn how to spot a phishing email and identify the warning signs.

Beware of nasty links

Adware and malware are often not visible to the end-user. While there are ways to combat them, preventing them from entering the network is by far the most efficient security measure. Learn how to secure your organization's computers, laptops, and devices.

Watch out for prying eyes

We are all responsible for being data-aware and protecting data on behalf of our organization, customers, vendors, and partners. Learn to protect and preserve information and assets through the entire data lifecycle.

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