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See benefits of Remote Expert Mobile with Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise. And Unified Communications. (05:57 min)

See how Remote Expert Mobile helps an insurance company improve its customer experience. (02:21 min)

Integrated Real-time Communications & Collaboration

Cisco® Remote Expert Mobile is an software platform and solutions offer that enable customers to integrate real time voice/video communications and collaboration capabilities such as co-browse, file share and annotation features natively into iOS, Android and industry leading Browsers. The software platform includes Developer Software Kit, a Media Broker for firewall traversal and video transcoding, if required, and an Application Server that enables collaboration capabilities.

Features and Capabilities

Remote Expert Mobile makes customer interaction with “experts” easy. No longer will your customers have to jump from one channel to another. Remote Expert Mobile harmonizes multiple channels into one connected experience that ultimately leads to improved business outcomes and customer loyalty.

Remote Expert Mobile is part of Cisco Collaboration portfolio. It integrates, simply and easily, with our Customer Care and Unified Communications products, incorporating capabilities like expert routing, video in queue, video on hold, and Finesse desktop integration. Remote Expert Mobile supports WebRTC capable browsers without the need for additional plugins for video or voice. If you want to add support for Non-WebRTC capable browsers, a plug-in can be used.

Key Features:

Remote Expert Mobile software platform can be deployed in a virtual machine environment in high availability and resilience configurations. The platform has three main components:

iOS, Android and Browser SDK's

A full feature developer’s kit that enables the customer interaction process and features

  • Enables Real-time communications and collaboration capabilities from iOS/Android devices and Browsers
  • Context passing using standard SIP UUI
  • In-app voice & video communications (OTT WebRTC)
  • Control Opt-In parameters for voice, video and co-browsing
  • Expert Assist Web and Application SDK’s can enable the following interactive customer collaboration experiences:

Remote Expert Media Broker

Media Broker resides in the DMZ and secures real-time media, handles the complexities of firewall and NAT traversal and will transcode audio and/or video, when required

  • Media encryption / decryption
  • H.264 & VP8 video transcoding
  • Opus, G.711 & G.729 audio transcoding

Remote Expert Application Server

Includes a signaling component that communicates securely to web browsers and mobile apps via https (secure WebSockets) and can additionally connect those client to SIP-based VoIP clients and infrastructure. This node also controls RE Mobile Media Broker that relays real-time media between clients inside and outside of the network. It hosts a Finesse Expert Assist gadget and Expert Console for UC-only deployments. It provides the following Expert Assist collaboration features:

  • Co-browsing
  • Remote Control of Application or Webpage
  • Document Sharing
  • Annotation
  • Assisted form filling
  • Masking of sensitive data cell

Manage Distributed Expert Resources

Cisco Remote Expert delivers superior, on-demand, customer video collaboration. (PDF - 2 MB)

Face-to-Face with Financial Experts

Cisco Remote Expert can transform business in the financial services industry.

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