Why Finance?

Financing provides significant business benefits to companies of all sizes. Here are ten good reasons you should consider a flexible financing solution from Cisco Capital

Why finance with Cisco Capital?

Deciding how to invest in technology is every bit as important as choosing the right solution for your business. Cisco Capital can help.

We deliver financing solutions designed to support our customers' business goals and technology needs both now and in the future. Our end-to-end, affordable and competitive financing solutions can support you to:

  • Make the most of Cisco innovation and optimise technology lifecycles - avoiding obsolescence thanks to flexible upgrade and migration options, as well as easy equipment disposal or recycling
  • Bring your technology investments forward to accelerate competitive advantage
  • Spread your total costs over time with a single solution which includes technology, installation and maintenance costs, whilst avoiding a large cash investment
  • Reduce your OpEx and potentially limit your CapEx
  • Protect your current capital and cash flow, with predictable payment schedules which alleviate budget pressures.

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Cisco Capital: financing business innovation