On-demand webinar: Learn how to build a smart building that’s both safe and productive

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Hybrid workspace. Better workplace.

Explore the building blocks of a smart hybrid workplace.

You've got the dream. You've got the team. Cisco connects them.

Unlock the power of your hybrid work office.


Connect faster and easier with seamless solutions, save on costs and reduce risks, get customised plan designs—all with implementation support. 


Make your buildings as smart as your digital assets with intuitive, web-based controls and dashboards.


Prioritise collaboration with inclusive video experiences across all space types—from anywhere at any time. 

Ready to transform your office for hybrid work?

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Use data and insights from your physical space to create a workplace that is safe, smart, and seamless. 

Make the office worth the commute with Cisco Collaboration Devices. 

Access networking means simpler IT operations. For everyone.

Cloud-first technology for a seamless experience. Less buffering, more doing.

Nobody makes hybrid work, work better

Build workspaces that make people want to connect using Cisco Hybrid work solutions.


In any organisation, better decision making is a must. Data insights make it a reality with visibility across the network, consistent collaboration and steadfast security.


Cisco has the expertise, insights, learning, and support for your hybrid work transformation.  


Demonstrated performance of the fully integrated solution at PENN1 in New York City and other locations.

Take a tour of Cisco’s PENN1 new office experience in New York

Cisco’s New York City Talent and Collaboration Centre – known as PENN1 – was designed for hybrid work with flexibility and well-being in mind. Explore PENN1 with our Smart Building Immersive Experience.

Explore our purpose-built workspaces, optimised for hybrid work

From furniture design to technology and sustainability, get an inside look at the details that empower an inclusive employee experience at PENN1.

Hybrid Work Office Design Guides

Ready to get started? Get access to our design guides that bring space layout, technology, and furnishings together to create an optimal hybrid work experience.