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Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance

Turn data into intuition

Put your data to work. Get 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices, and applications. Assure network performance with real-time and historical data analytics, to learn, adapt, and even detect problems before they happen.

You probably can't play fetch with a T. rex, but you can travel back in time to troubleshoot your wired and wireless networks.

Automate network performance management

Simplify management

A single user interface makes it easy to troubleshoot problems on your network.

Gain network visibility

Collect data in real time from devices, users, and applications across the enterprise.

Turn insights into action

Best practices based on 30 years of Cisco expertise accurately pinpoint problems.

Save time, solve problems

Analytics combined with automation reduces time spent on troubleshooting.

It’s about time.

Wireless Assurance gives you the visibility and insights to solve for
network challenges in the past, present, and future.

What’s inside Cisco DNA Analytics and Assurance

Centralised management

This single pane of glass provides an easy-to-understand dashboard for network analytics tasks. You can view and take action on the output from a single interface.

Data collection and analytics

Cisco DNA Center collects multiple data sources for devices, applications, and users, then applies advanced analytics algorithms to uncover correlations and suggest remediation.

Why do IT Projects Fail?

IDC explains why total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the primary reasons IT projects fail.

Defend Mars using analytics

Troubleshoot a device network issue on Mars and see Cisco DNA Analytics in action. Join the fun.

The Cisco DNA difference

See how Cisco DNA saves you time so you can do more.

Interactive office experience

See what’s happening behind the scenes of an office throughout a normal work day.

Start your journey today

Solve problems faster. Improve operational efficiency. Reduce your risk of downtime. And focus on business innovation.

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