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Cisco SecureX

Simplify your security with the broadest, most integrated platform.

A simplified security experience

SecureX is a cloud-native, built-in platform experience that connects our Cisco Secure portfolio and your infrastructure. It is integrated and open for simplicity, unified in one location for visibility, and maximises operational efficiency with automated workflows. Radically reduce threat dwell time and human-powered tasks to stay compliant and counter attacks.



Integrate your technology for true turnkey interoperability.


Accelerate time to detect and investigate threats, while maintaining contextual awareness.


Accelerate remediation time and automate your workflows to lower costs and strengthen security.

What SecureX can do for you

Reduce dwell time

Eliminate investigation tasks by 72 percent and shorten the time spent on threat hunting and staying compliant.

Deliver time savings

Collaborate better and save 100 hours on average by orchestrating and automating security across SecOps, NetOps, and ITOps teams.

Speed time to value

Get started in 15 minutes--reduce your costs and gain real benefits by investing in one or more Cisco products.


Offers built-in, pre-packaged, or custom integrations for both a connected back-end architecture and consistent front-end experience.

A ribbon that never leaves you and a secure, single sign-on help you to share and maintain the context around incidents in one location when navigating consoles.

A customisable dashboard includes operational metrics, visibility into emerging threats, and access to new products in just one click.

A core platform application to accelerate threat investigations and incident management by aggregating and correlating global intelligence and local context in one view.

Pre-built workflows aligned to common use cases or a no-/low-code, drag-and-drop canvas for building your own workflow to eliminate friction in your processes and automate routine tasks.

Is SecureX an XDR solution?

While SecureX has XDR capabilities, it goes beyond XDR, offering better technology integration and broader use cases to advance your security maturity and give you immediate value.

What SecureX offers

  • Simplified experience with cross-product integration
  • Unified visibility with cross-product analytics
  • Operational efficiency with response capabilities

What SecureX doesn't require

  • A separate license--every Cisco Secure customer is entitled to SecureX
  • Special skills--you don't need to be an automation expert
  • Centralised data storage in a massive data lake

Threatwise TV SecureX episodes

See Cisco firewalls with SecureX automate rapid alerting, investigation, and response.

Watch how SecureX with Cisco Talos and third-party vulnerability sources simplify the hunt.

Experience how SecureX scales secure remote access by optimising VPN capacity.

Success Stories

Secure users and content with Cisco

"Looking at the big picture of our complete security architecture with multiple purpose-driven solutions, the right choice was Cisco"

Roberto Alunda, Telecom Engineering Director, MEDIAPRO

SecureX activation experience

"SecureX is a truly powerful tool that lets me easily automate (re)actions based on any event"

Wouter Hindriks
Team Lead Network & Security at Missing Piece

Enhances Security and Quality-of-Life for Al Case

"The Cisco security platform simplifies everything we do."

Zoltan Nagy, Group Security Director, Magyar Telekom


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