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EMEAR Monthly Talos Updates

Insights from the people who keep your network safe

Join Hazel Burton as she goes under the bonnet on important security topics with the intelligence team at Talos. In these 10-15 minute videos, they delve into important cybersecurity topics, asking the tough questions and giving the straight answers.

Latest episode

In this first episode Hazel and Martin discuss Wiper Malware. What is it, why is it important and how you can prepare your organisation against it. Please click on the video on the right to view.

Learn more about Wiper Malware in this blog.

About the hosts

Hazel Burton

Hazel is our chief interviewer and creates and edits each episode. She also contributes to Cisco's original research and security reports, when she's not on stage being an improv comedian.

Martin Lee

Martin Lee is a technical lead of security research within Talos, Cisco’s threat intelligence and research organization, and the lead for strategic planning and communications in the EMEAR region. As a researcher within Talos, he seeks to improve the resilience of the internet and awareness of current threats through researching system vulnerabilities and changes in the threat landscape.

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