Cisco Cybersecurity Reports

Empowering security leaders across the world to protect against cyber attacks and drive business growth.

Latest Reports

Security Outcomes Report, Vol 3

Surveying over 4,700 security professionals across the globe on security resilience; what is means, why it's important and how they rank themselves. Explore the findings today.

Duo Trusted Access Report 2022

Learn how companies responded to complex global challenges, or missed the mark, in this report. 

Security Outcomes Study, Vol 2.

In our largest annual report, 5,100+ IT pros in 27 countries explored everything from threat detection to tech integration

Talos 2022 Year in Review

The Talos Year in Review tells a story based on the work of our experts and annual telemetry and data.

About the Cisco cybersecurity report series

Over the past decade, Cisco has published a wealth of security and threat intelligence information for security professionals interested in the state of global cybersecurity. These comprehensive reports have provided detailed accounts of threat landscapes and their effects on organizations, as well as best practices to defend against the adverse impacts of data breaches.

In our new approach to thought leadership, Cisco Security is publishing a series of research-based, data-driven studies. We've expanded the number of titles to include different reports for security professionals with different interests. Calling on the depth and breadth of expertise from threat researchers and innovators in the security industry, the reports in each year's series include the Security Outcomes StudyThreat Report and Blogs, and Data Privacy Benchmark Study, with others published throughout each year.

Cybersecurity report archive

2021 Data Privacy Benchmark Study

Learn how the current global health crisis has turned privacy into an even higher priority.

CISO Benchmark 2020

The new survey results are in. Evaluate how your organization compares to our industry benchmarks.

Future of Secure Remote Work

Learn the key recommendations and takeaways that businesses must adopt to secure a distributed workforce and adapt to what the future brings.

Five takeaways on endpoint security

Check out this infographic to learn how endpoint protection can boost your defenses.

2021 Security Outcomes Study for SMBs

Would you believe that small and midsize businesses can teach enterprises a thing or two about effective security?

2021 Security Outcomes Study

Read the new Security Outcomes Study to learn methods of improving program success, retaining security talent, and more.

Defending against critical threats

Our new security magazine covers the most critical threats of the past year, featuring interviews with experts and research-driven investigations.

Building trust through transparency and control

Learn how individuals perceive top privacy concerns in the Cisco 2021 Consumer Privacy Survey.

Creating safe spaces in cybersecurity

People across the cybersecurity industry share their insights into mental health and avoiding burnout.

Proven success factors for endpoint security

Learn how effective endpoint protection contributes to achieving overall cybersecurity success.

The 2021 Duo Trusted Access Report

Using data from millions of authentications, Duo examines how organizations are enabling work from anywhere, on any device, by implementing controls to ensure secure access to applications.