Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Get the performance of a Ferrari with the simplicity of a Vespa. HyperFlex is an all-in-one data centre that lets you move at the speed of business.

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Move at blazing speed

See how hyperconverged brings the pay-as-you-go economics of cloud to your data centre.


How to get the most from hyperconverged

Find out what the next evolution in computing infrastructure can do for your business.


Live webinar: HyperFlex in 30 minutes

Learn how HyperFlex is helping companies simplify their data centres, accelerate applications and enable a multicloud strategy, all while reducing TCO.


Get Your Personalised Capability Assessment

Hyperconverged delivers the speed, simplicity and agility for today’s digital economy. Take one of our rapid-fire surveys to discover what it can do for you.

Ready to jump to hyperspeed?   

Assess my Hybrid Cloud   

What can virtualisation do for me?

I need to simplify how I work

Build a hybrid IT strategy with HyperFlex and hybrid cloud management.

If you need simple, efficient and adaptive IT infrastructure, here's 5 reasons why Cisco HyperFlex is right for you.

More apps. More simplicity. Welcome to the new HyperFlex.

I need to do more with less


Hyperconvergence tailor-made for small businesses & remote and branch office (ROBO) operations.

Bellevue Group doubled its virtual desktop speed with Cisco HyperFlex. You can too.

The numbers speak for themselves. Independent lab testing shows x3 better TCO and more...

I need to move at the speed of business

Which side will you choose? BluePearl Veterinary Partners reduced its deployment times by 80%.

Get your entire system (network, compute, and storage) set up in just 34 minutes.

See how HyperFlex has transformed the way our customers work.

Hyperconvergence engineered on Cisco UCS

Cisco HyperFlex delivers complete hyperconvergence. It combines the software-defined networking and computing power of Cisco UCS with the Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform. And it is designed for simplicity. HyperFlex brings increased operational efficiency and adaptability to more workloads in your data centre.

  • Deploy HyperFlex plus network

    Less than 1 hour

    Deploy HyperFlex plus network

  •  Create hundreds of clones

    In seconds

    Create hundreds of clones

  • Data storage savings


    Data storage savings

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Cisco HyperFlex fuses compute, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection into a single platform.

Epic flexibility

HyperFlex is ideal for a broad set of applications.

Automation and Orchestration

Automate IT tasks, accelerate apps deployments, and optimise your processes.

Better together

Benefit from validated designs that arrive ready to go.


With Cisco Services, you’ll see faster time to value, comprehensive adoption, and optimised policies.



Slice your data centre overheads ASAP

Build a flexibly financed data centre with Cisco Open Pay.

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