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Updated:19 January 2021

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Updated:19 January 2021

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Easy to Use

      Customizable role-based UI view to provide a focused view on network operators use cases

      Single Sign On (SSO) for seamless user experience across operation services

      Single console for health monitoring and quick service turn up

Easy to Scale

      Ensure high availability, scale-out operations from a single dashboard

      Scale use cases leveraging flexible deployment options

      Operations that span across on-premises, multicloud and edge networks

Easy to Maintain

      Seamless integration and lifecycle management of operational services

      Onboard and manage-operational services across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments

      Single integration point for critical third-party applications and tools

Simplification in the multicloud era

In this era of digital transformation and business resiliency, vast amounts of data are being generated every second, and networking infrastructure is becoming more complex and distributed. While many tools are available to manage data center operations, this has become a challenge itself, because IT teams now must correlate information from numerous tools across hybrid environments. Business demands agility. However, IT and networking teams have always operated in a reactive, break-then-fix mode with multiple control points.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard solves these challenges by offering a centralized management console which allows network operators to easily access applications needed to perform the lifecycle management of their fabric from provisioning, troubleshooting or simply get deeper visibility into their network.

Flexible deployment

      On premises: Run Cisco Nexus Dashboard on the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform (previously known as the Cisco Service Engine)

      Hybrid: Run on premises and in the cloud

      Virtual: Run the Cisco Nexus Dashboard on any local compute*

      Cloud only: Run the Cisco Nexus Dashboard as AMI format on a cloud compute of the customer’s choice*

      SaaS: Deploy, maintain, and support your infrastructure from anywhere that has access to the Internet*

* Future versions

Simplification in the Multicloud Era

Onboard services from one interface

With the Cisco Nexus Dashboard, you get a unified operations view across all your sites and services.

The Cisco Nexus Dashboard scales out the size and number of fabrics and the operational services used to manage them. It also provides the operations team with a simple and consistent way for service access control and service lifecycle management.

The Cisco Nexus Dashboard delivers unprecedented simplicity by integrating multiple data center operational tools delivering best-in-class automation and insights from a single pane of glass to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the network. Along with a uniform onboarding experience for data center sites and operational services such as Cisco Nexus Insights (NI), Cisco Network Assurance Engine (NAE), Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO), and third-party ecosystem applications, the operator now has a single landing page and a consistent user experience for the administrator and operator to manage the lifecycle of the infrastructure.

The operator can run these services across multiple sites and quickly root cause issues. A quick glance informs the operator of the health of the various sites and the infrastructure services. The Cisco Nexus Dashboard has easy-to-navigate panels and dashlets if the operator wants to get a specific view.

Onboard services from one interface

Scale your network operations

      Are your network operations teams armed with the right tools to avoid costly downtime, meet business SLAs, and address scale for geographically distributed data centers?

      Are they dealing with screen sprawl as they try and stitch capabilities together?

By simplifying operations with the Cisco Nexus Dashboard, you can:

      Improve customer experiences: Reduce the time to value for powerful operations capabilities

      Increase cost savings and revenue: Reduce overall network TCO by allowing you to scale on a uniform operations infrastructure and reduce management screen sprawl across data center sites

      Ensure business continuity and compliance: Quickly debug and resolve root cause issues


The Cisco Nexus Dashboard offers flexible options with a choice of three licensing tiers. It is offered as part of Cisco Data Center Networking (DCN) Advantage, Cisco DCN Premier tier licenses, and Cisco DCN Day 2 Ops Add-on License for customers.

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