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60% of small businesses close 6 months after a cyberattack

Don't be next.

Small Business Security

As a business owner, investing in security solutions may be low on your priority list, but you may want to think again when you consider that 60% of small businesses that are attacked shut down six months later. Get a secure start today.

Featured Products

Don’t be an easy target. Protect your business with Cisco solutions.

Cisco AMP

Advanced Malware Protection protects the business before, during and after an attack

Your 1st Line of Defense

Your first line of defense and the simplest way to protect devices on your network

Try Cisco Umbrella for FREE

Try Cisco Umbrella cloud-managed security for free, and experience threat protection like no other.

Customer Stories

A Footwear and Lifestyle Brand Protects its Intellectual Property

How a Leading Law Firm Protects Clients and their Data

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SME Security Checklist

A guide to help you assess the appropriate security solutions for your business

Securing Valuable Data

The data security challenge for Legal and Professional Services Firms

The riskiest 1%

Solutions claim to block 99% of threats, but what about the 1% that you’re missing?

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