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Small Business Phone Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology brings your phone system into the modern age so you can use the Internet to make and receive calls, whether it is landlines and cell phones, or computer to computer.

Features and benefits

Enhanced user experience

Enjoy multiline models for desktops, an endpoint for small conference rooms, and backlit, pixel-based displays. Fixed keys and two-way navigation make it easy to use, and full-duplex communications deliver crystal-clear voice.

Simple and secure

Supports the latest encryption to help secure your voice communications. Administration for software updates is simpler, as all models in the series share the same phone OS.

Energy efficient

Save energy with low power consumption, recyclable plastics in the hardware design, and the Cisco EnergyWise energy-management architecture.

What kind of phone system is right for you?

Screen Ethernet switch Wideband audio
Cisco IP Phone 7811

Cisco IP Phone 7811

This single-line model is ideal for occasional-to-light communications needs, such as in lobbies, cafeterias, and conference centers.

384 x 106 pixel (3.28 in. / 83.3 mm) 10/100 Optional, with purchase of wideband headset
Cisco IP Phone 7821

Cisco IP Phone 7821

This 2-line model is ideal for information workers and teleworkers who have light-to-moderate voice communications needs.

396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm) 10/100 Yes
Cisco IP Phone 7832

Cisco IP Phone 7832

This conference phone is ideal for is ideal for your small conference rooms and private office desktops.

384 x 128 pixel (3.4 in. / 86.4 mm) No (10/100 Network Port only) Yes
Cisco IP Phone 7841

Cisco IP Phone 7841

This 4-line model is well suited for knowledge workers, administrative staff, managers, customer care agents, and supervisors who have moderate-to-active voice communications needs.

396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm) 10/100/1000 Yes
Cisco IP Phone 7861

Cisco IP Phone 7861

This 16-line model is an ideal phone to meet the active communications needs of managers, administrative staff, customer care agents, and supervisors.

396 x 162 pixel (3.5 in. / 89 mm) 10/100 Yes

*Final price may vary. Final price set by retailer. For options outside U.S. please consult Cisco Sales.

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Cisco is the 2019 Best Practices award winner for Global IP Hardware Communications Endpoints.

- Frost and Sullivan, 2019