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Wireless Networking Technology

Mission-Critical Wireless

Strengthen business-focused applications for employees, customers, and visitors. Improve the end-user experience on wireless devices with industry-leading performance and advanced technology from Cisco.

Cisco wireless networking combines the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks. It delivers 802.11ac excellence designed to effectively support a vast range of business-focused wireless networks, from the most basic to today’s most demanding high-density environments.

Mobile Workspace

Go beyond bring-your-own-device (BYOD) access. Establish a network, security, and management framework while creating a true mobile workspace for your always-on employees. Cisco wireless networking technology provides:

  • Integrated multi-level security policy and enforcement to protect your network and data
  • Consistent policy management and enforcement
  • A single integrated solution to simplify delivery of applications, data, and collaboration services
  • Application visibility and control for improved user experience and security
  • Mobility Services from Cisco and our partners that provide the expertise you need

Connected Mobile Experiences

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) is powered by the Mobility Services Engine (MSE), with the CMX license working in coordination with the Cisco Wireless Network. CMX Wi-Fi location-based services help venue owners and retailers engage and better understand their customers using mobility and location intelligence from the Wi-Fi network. CMX capabilities of Mobility Services Engine offer:

  • Location-based Wi-Fi analytics for visibility into the number of visitors, their dwell time, and their movements
  • Simple guest access and a customized landing experience
  • Online and social analytics to better understand customer demographics and their mobile behavior
  • An API and SDK to make it easy to create location-based applications and services

CMX helps you build a stronger relationship with customers through a more personalized mobile user experience.

Cisco High Density Experience

Cisco High Density Experience (HDX) improves the performance of legacy and cutting edge wireless and mobile devices with advanced technologies. HDX consists of Turbo Performance, CleanAir with 80MHz support, ClientLink 3.0, and Optimized Roaming.

  • HDX for 802.11ac (PDF - 261 KB)
  • HDX helps optimize performance, mitigation, scalability, and roaming for high-density wireless networks.

  • CleanAir
  • It offers 80 MHz support and uses silicon-level intelligence to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network that mitigates the effects of wireless interference.

Application Visibility and Control (AVC)

Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) solution for wireless networks identifies more than 1000 business- or consumer-class applications using deep packet inspection (DPI). With this extraordinary visibility into application traffic, administrators can mark applications for further prioritization, or block them for security reasons or to conserve limited network bandwidth. AVC offers these benefits:

Improved Quality of Experience

Proactive monitoring and end-to-end application visibility accelerate troubleshooting and reduce network downtime.

Better Network Management

Network capacity management and planning improve through greater visibility of application usage and performance.

More Intelligent Prioritization

Business-critical applications and sub-flows are prioritized, including unified communications and collaboration applications like Cisco Jabber, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Skype, Apple FaceTime, and Google Voice.

A More Intelligent Platform

See why Cisco Unified Access offers the right platform for a connected world.

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Migrate to Next-Generation Wireless

Get more bandwidth and higher speed with the latest wireless standard, 802.11ac.

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Wi-Fi Network Efficiency

Discover the benefits of Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) for wireless.

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