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Designed for small to midsize networks

An ideal choice for smaller networks and branch offices, the 2500 Series Wireless Controller grows with your business. It scales to 75 access points and 1000 client devices. It also offers highly secure wireless guest access. With integrated Cisco CleanAir technology, this controller runs a self-healing, self-optimizing network.


Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller

Connects 802.11ac wireless up to 1 Gbps
Centralized security policy
Designed for SMB networks and branch offices
Layers 2 and 3 mobility


Improved throughput

With an increase to 500 Mbps, the 2500 allows your data to flow faster.

Flexible licensing

The 2500 scales to fit your organization. It supports up to 75 access point licenses, so that as your business gets larger, your network can grow with you.

More client support

More and more mobile devices are entering the workplace, and the 2500 is ready for that challenge. It now supports 1000 clients.

Support of industry-standard protocols

Whatever protocols your network is running, the 2500 can support them. Whether it’s control and provisioning for access points protocols or Datagram Transport Layer Security tunneling, the 2500 can handle it.

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