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Executive Profiles

Rely on World-Class Leadership

Cisco brings a wealth of management talent and experience to its executive thought leadership efforts. Read the biographies and perspectives of senior management who provide valuable expertise and insights.

    Our Leadership

    Chuck Robbins

    Chief Executive Officer
    Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Daisy Chittilapilly

    Cisco India and SAARC

    Harish Krishnan

    Managing Director & Chief Policy Officer
    Cisco Systems, India & SAARC

    Sandeep Arora

    Vice President
    Customer Experience (CX)
    Cisco India & SAARC

    Anand Bhaskar

    Managing Director
    Service Providers Business
    Cisco India and SAARC

    Panish PK

    Partner Business Group
    Cisco India and SAARC

    Kunal Kaul

    Managing Director
    Enterprise Sales
    Cisco India & SAARC

    Ashish Wattal

    Managing Director
    Public Sector and Commercial segments
    Cisco India & SAARC

    Vishak Raman

    Security Business
    Cisco India & SAARC

    Anand Patil

    Senior Director
    Systems Engineering
    Cisco India