The payments industry faces business challenges on many fronts: intense competition, dealing with the burden of regulation, maintaining security, and managing complex networks with millions of end points as service delivery channels.







Enabling Connected Commerce

Enabling Connected Commerce
Banks can compete more effectively by supporting shopping preferences of connected consumers.
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Payments businesses are dealing with convergence of payment types and consolidation within the industry in an attempt to combat declining margins. Cisco helps our customers in the payments business to increase profit by:

  • Innovating across products and services
  • Reducing costs by increasing efficiency
  • Managing operational risk more effectively

By leveraging the Network as the Platform, Cisco has the potential to radically improve the communication between:

  • Customers and channels
  • Channels and the processing/data center
  • Within the processing/data center itself
  • In the network between the processing/data center and interbank clearing networks

Cisco can initiate executive conversations on transformational models to help customers:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Optimize security
  • Support compliance

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