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What is counterfeit product?

A counterfeit product can be hardware, software or documentation to which a Cisco trademark or logo has been fixed without Cisco’s consent. This includes products that do not originate from Cisco manufacturers or that are produced without the approval of Cisco and include products that are counterfeit or imitate an original Cisco product.

What is an unauthorised market product?

When a product leaves the authorised sales channel it is considered an unauthorised market product. A variety of sources supply the unauthorised market, including bankrupt companies that liquidate their assets, companies that upgrade their networks and companies that abuse promotion and special-discount programs. Look out for products offered to you at a greater discount than you are normally able to obtain from Cisco.

What are third-party components?

Third-party components are typically memory, cables or gigabit interface converters (GBICs) that are manufactured by a company other than Cisco. They are illegal as counterfeits if they display counterfeit Cisco labelling or trademarks.

What do I do if I suspect that third-party components have been installed in my Cisco network?

If a broker or a dealer installs counterfeit, third-party components to your network, this is illegal. You should immediately notify Cisco Brand Protection via email:
As for third-party components that do not display Cisco labeling or trademarks, these are not illegal. But you should be aware that Cisco cannot guarantee or warranty the performance of those components. If they fail, there is no Cisco Support nor is there any upgrade path available from Cisco.

Does Cisco offer SMARTnet on unauthorised market product?

Cisco will not offer SMARTnet without inspecting the products to determine if they are genuine Cisco products.

What is Cisco doing to address this issue?

To protect our Partners and customers, Cisco collaborates closely with government and law enforcement agencies across Asia Pacific, and with the global business community through Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP).

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