Cisco WebEx for Healthcare

Transform Healthcare Delivery with Cisco WebEx for Healthcare

Cisco WebEx for Healthcare enables healthcare organizations to facilitate communications and collaboration for a workforce separated by geography, time zones, and facilities.

The solution improves care and productivity by eliminating distance as a barrier to delivering care:

  • Provide consultations and second opinions to sites without requisite clinical resources
  • Use application sharing to help clinicians access records from disparate systems
  • Engage remotely located physicians for whom travel or other costs would have precluded using their expertise
  • Conduct research collaboration sessions without the need to travel

It also reduces costs associated with medical education and application training:

  • Conduct regional, staff, and operations meetings without travel
  • Deliver continuing medical education for physicians and nurses
  • Provide education opportunities on demand, online
  • Roll out application training to healthcare staff on new processes
  • Conduct education for large groups
  • Provide online forums for group case reviews

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