Smart Business Architecture for Government

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The Cisco Smart Business Architecture (SBA) for Government can help you design and deploy a network, with tested, validated solutions.

Cisco Smart Business Architecture for Government

Government is tasked to educate, protect, and serve. Yet with multiple, competing priorities, including budget constraints, data security, and citizen expectations, this can be a challenge. It is critical to deploy a systematic, thoughtful, and highly secure network approach that will:

  • Help ensure continuity of government
  • Avoid risk of downtime
  • Eliminate complex configurations
  • Avoid hardware or software faults

SBA for Government is designed to grow and evolve with your agency, providing a platform for deploying advanced technologies. Learn more about SBA for Government by reading this At-A-Glance and by viewing a video featuring Jennifer Geisler, Director of Government and Security Industry Marketing at Cisco.

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About the SBA for Government Subway System

Similar to a local subway map, Cisco developed the SBA visual to help convey where you are in your network journey and options for scaling to meet future requirements. Whether you are a Midsize or Large agency, we can help you achieve your networking goals with the appropriate subway line and by utilizing the prescriptive subway guides. When leading network planning and investment discussions within your organization, leverage the subway map as a strategic asset.

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