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Welcome to Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)

Turns fantasy into reality

The Cisco WAAS portfolio of solutions gives branch and remote offices LAN-like access to centrally hosted applications, servers, and storage. It’s a powerful application acceleration and WAN optimisation solution that dramatically improves the performance of any TCP-based application operating in a WAN environment.


There are three primary IT objectives you can accomplish by using Cisco WAAS:

  • Deliver centralised applications with LAN-like speed to remote users, while preserving visibility and branch security
  • Consolidate costly branch office servers, storage and backup infrastructure into data centres, while optimising WAN bandwidth usage
  • Maximise regulatory compliance and data protection through consolidation of branch storage, as well as acceleration of branch backup applications


Unlike traditional WAN optimisation products, the Cisco WAAS solution offers significantly lower total cost of ownership for branch offices and data centres, ease of integration through network transparency, reliable voice and data deployment, and maximum overall security.


See how others have done it

Case studies highlight the return on investment and productivity gains that organisations are realising by deploying data centre solutions. 


Cisco is helping a number of organisations locally and globally with their WAN application optimisation requirements.


Australian health and nutrition foods manufacturer Sanitarium recently deployed a Cisco WAAS as a major part of its IT consolidation strategy. Needing to reduce costs, lower TCO and increase service levels to users, the company has since improved performance and productivity levels, lowered overall costs and is well on the way to consolidating its server and data centre infrastructure.


  • Sanitarium: Deploys Cisco WAAS for its IT consolidation strategy, resulting in increased end user productivity and efficiency
  • Panalpina: Global Logistics Service Provider Optimises Data Centers, Lowers Costs
  • Scotts: Lawn and Garden Care Company Centralises Servers, Speeds Local Operations

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