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Security Solutions and Use Cases

Experience our instant security demo environment for Umbrella. Stay safe with anytime, anywhere protection online.    

Threat use cases

From the first line to the last line of defense.

Ransomware defense for endpoints

Locky, WannaCry, Petya—what’s next? Ransomware is evolving too fast for point products to keep up. Cisco’s layered defenses are more effective.

Prevent breaches at every edge

While your perimeter may have eroded, Cisco can stop threats from the campus, the data center, the branch, and the cloud to keep business fast and secure.

Breach readiness and response

Advanced malware will evade even the best prevention. Are you ready? Cisco services and technology work together to detect, respond to, and recover from breaches.

Lower your cyber risk

Cisco, Apple, Allianz, and Aon are working together on a risk framework of technology and cyberinsurance that strengthens security and lowers cyber risk.

Cloud use cases

Workloads, the wide area network, and users’ work have changed security needs.

Secure your data center

Protect hybrid cloud and physical workloads across container and application-centric infrastructure using software-defined segmentation and threat containment.

Secure your branches

Protect users, connected devices, and application usage at all direct Internet access breakouts and all traffic across the software-defined WAN.

Enhance Office 365 security

Use Cisco to stop the ransomware, malware, phishing, account compromises, and cloud app risks that Microsoft misses with its email and collaboration as a service.

Network use cases

Cisco switches, routers, and VPN clients sense threats and enforce security.

Gain visibility and segmentation

You already have a Cisco network. Use it to see what endpoints and IoT devices are doing on your network, control access, and contain threats.

Secure access to your network

Empower employees to work from anywhere. Know specific endpoint, user, and app behavior while extending threat protection when users aren't on the VPN.

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Cisco Umbrella

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AMP for Endpoints

See advanced malware protection in action with our two- to four-week trial.

Meraki MX

No charge and zero risk—if it isn’t right for you, simply send the gear back.

Stealthwatch Cloud

Secure your environment without installing software or hardware.

Security product demos

Integrated cybersecurity demo

Watch how our security products work together to help you get simple, effective security against attacks. 

Get ThreatWise

Watch candid commentary and live demos on cybersecurity from ThreatWise TV. 

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