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Cyber Security and Insurance

Act decisively on cyber risk

We know cyber risk is a concern, with malware top of mind. We also know that decisive action is needed. That’s why we are part of an industry-first offering. Cisco, Apple, Aon, and Allianz are bringing together the key pieces needed to manage cyber risk: security technology, secure devices, cybersecurity domain expertise, and enhanced cyber insurance. All working for you.

A framework for acting on cyber risk

Gain more effective cybersecurity

Stop more threats outright and respond to advanced threats faster.

Empower employees with Apple

Give your users the devices they know and love for greater security and amazing productivity. 

Augment cybersecurity expertise

Gain insights on bolstering your security posture and access expertise for incident response preparedness and support.

Obtain enhanced cyber insurance

Boost security postures with enhanced cyber insurance to protect against business interruption and loss.

A comprehensive cyber risk solution

Cyber resilience evaluation

Gain broad insights on ways to bolster security postures across 10 key areas through an online cyber resilience evaluation.

Cisco Ransomware Defense

Keep business on track by stopping malware and ransomware with layered protection from the DNS layer to endpoints to email.

Apple devices

Give your employees the best experience using iPhone, iPad, and Mac—all with the security that businesses need.

Enhanced cyber insurance

Get extra risk protection with enhanced cyber insurance, including broader coverage and lower deductibles.

Incident response expertise

Gain security expertise with expert incident response and threat monitoring to supplement your IT teams.

Incident response preparedness

Get proactive with incident response planning. Improve your security posture, sharpen incident response readiness, and even carry out threat hunting.

Visibility and control for iOS

With the Cisco Security Connector you can gather all the network traffic generated by iOS devices and prevent malicious connections.