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Secure your remote workforce, fast

If you're looking to increase protection for your remote employees so they can work from any device, at any time, from any location, get started with the Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution.

Benefits of Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Stop attacks and simplify security operations. Cisco AMP for Endpoints offers cloud-delivered next-generation antivirus, endpoint protection platform (EPP), and advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR). It's the endpoint security you need.

Block attacks before they target you

Powered by Cisco Talos, we block more threats than any other security provider. See a threat once and block it everywhere.

Simplify security investigations with advanced EDR and a broader context on endpoint, web, email, and network data.

Automate threat responses with one-click isolation of an infected host. Get broader control beyond just the endpoint.

Key capabilities

Powerful protection engines

Block known threats automatically using machine learning, exploit prevention, file reputation, antivirus, and a wide array of other attack prevention techniques that will stop both fileless and file-based attacks in their tracks.

Advanced investigation

Threat hunting simplified. Perform complex investigations using advanced search capabilities. Accelerate security investigation and incident response using forensic snapshots, predefined queries, live searches, and more. Get the answers you need about your endpoints so you can hunt, investigate, and respond to threats fast.

Quickly stop threats from spreading with one-click isolation of an infected endpoint--all without losing control of the device. Reduce the footprint of the attack and fast-track remediation.

Use our patented technology to continuously analyse and monitor file and process activity. Automatically generate retrospective alerts at the first sign of malicious behavior. Quickly stop threats in their tracks before they can cause any or further damage to your business.

We leverage Talos threat intelligence--as well as that from your endpoint, web, email, cloud, and network security solutions--to block, detect, investigate, and respond to threats across your entire environment, not just at your endpoints. Integration with multi-factor authentication supports zero trust and lets the good guys in while keeping the bad guys out.

Cisco vs. the competition

How does AMP for Endpoints stack up against other endpoint security vendors?

Customer stories

Turkish Airlines takes security to new heights

"Our security centre uses Cisco AMP on a 24/7 basis. Using Cisco AMP is similar to having another pair of hands, in a sense. The team can monitor the whole system architecture through it."

-Kadir Yildiz, Vice President of IT Governance, Turkish Airlines

National Health Service Greater Glasgow and Clyde

"For us, using Cisco products is the closest thing to taking the worry out of cybersecurity, and we can go on with other stuff. That for us is a huge, huge gain."

-Calum Morrison, Head of E-Health Operations at NHSGGC 

Securing the world's largest airport with Cisco AMP

"Out-of-the-box integration is really important for us. The implementation process is not easy in the SOC operations. But we saw that Cisco AMP has very easy deployment and usability features."

-Emrah Bayarcelik, Head of Security at Istanbul Grand Airport

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