Interoperability Systems

Comprehensive Communications Interoperability

Cisco IP Interoperability and Communications System (IPICS) allows emergency first responders to quickly exchange incident information on demand by enabling communications across multiple devices.

Comprehensive Communications Interoperability

Facilitating Incident Management Response

Cisco IPICS is an easy-to-use, scalable, comprehensive solution for communications interoperability. It facilitates coordinated, incident management response for emergencies and day-to-day operations across multiple agencies, jurisdictions, or departments. By sending radio traffic over an IP network, Cisco IPICS cost effectively enables public safety personnel to exchange information when they are using incompatible radios. Cisco IPICS allows push-to-talk communications on radio handsets, networks, laptop and PC clients, telephones, and mobile phones, improving response times and resource collaboration.

Business Benefits

  • Increase flexibility, cut costs, simplify processes
  • Securely extend communications interoperability
  • Improve incident notification and messaging

Let our Cisco IPICS experts help you understand how to:

  • Improve first-responder communications simply and quickly, without a communications systems upgrade
  • Augment radio communications for faster access to data, better communications control, and efficient incident resolution

Solution Components

The Cisco IPICS solution integrates server, routing, and IP communications elements to provide on-demand incident communications across multiple agencies and new levels of interoperability and operational efficiencies for public safety agency and support personnel.

Solutions components include:

  • Cisco IPICS Server: A security-enhanced, Linux-based platform that provides an administration console and resource management and hosts the optional Cisco IPICS Policy Engine and Operational Views applications.
  • Cisco IPICS IP Phone Client: Enables personnel to use Cisco Unified IP phones to collaborate with other personnel on post, telephone, and telegraph (PTT) channels.
  • Cisco IPICS Push-to-Talk Management (PMC): A Windows-based PC client software package that lets personnel use their PCs to collaborate with other personnel on PTT channels.
  • Cisco IPICS Operational Views: Allows different organizations to manage and share resources across ownership and organizational boundaries.
  • Cisco IPICS Policy Engine: Enables one-click activation of predefined policies for notification and talk-group establishment, and includes the ability to dial in and dial out to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Cisco IPICS Solution

Cisco Unified Communications

Land Mobile Radio Gateways

Beyond Just Radio

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Video Data Sheet

Learn about the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) solution. (3:44 min)

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Video Data Sheet

Learn about the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) solution. (3:44 min)

Enhancing Public Safety

Learn how communications interoperability across multiple agencies and jurisdictions enables better first responder incident management.

Cisco IPICS: A Proven Public Safety Solution

City Enhances Public Safety

Danville, Virginia, uses IP technology to link dispatchers and emergency responders.

Virginia IPICS Deployment Honored

Piedmont Regional Voice over IP project wins excellence in law enforcement award.

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