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Cisco Physical Security 4RU Storage Series

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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High-Density Storage for Security Solutions

The Cisco Physical Security Storage System 4RU (CPS-SS: 4-RU) and Cisco Physical Security Storage System 4RU-EX represent the next generation of high-performance, high-density, and energy-efficient storage for the Cisco Video Surveillance System.

Features and Capabilities

Up to 60 disks can be installed in only 4 rack units, and the Automated Massive Array of Idle Disk (AutoMAID) technology can reduce energy costs by up to 85 percent. Innovative active drawer technology enables one person to service the system while it remains in full production. This is a significant improvement over competitive systems that require several people to replace a single disk or fan.

The 4RU storage system delivers an enterprise-class solution with high-density, high-performance storage that is ideal for backup to disk or bulk data storage. It includes:

  • Two Fibre Channel ports
  • Two 6 Gigabit SAS ports, as well as an Ethernet port for web-based administration
  • Up to four 8 Gigabit Fibre Channel ports and four 6 Gigabit SAS ports
  • The ability to add more I/O ports to help deliver even more bandwidth and connectivity

The 4RU-EX high-capacity expansion chassis offers 60 drive bays in only 4 rack units to provide the most storage capacity in the smallest footprint, with enterprise-class reliability and ease of use. Attaching the expansion chassis to the 4RU storage system can help your organization increase efficiency and capacity while reducing power, space, and cost.

Key Benefits

  • 60-disk RAID system
  • 120 TB capacity in 4 rack units
  • Three active drawers for easy servicing
  • Antivibration design to maximize disk reliability
  • AutoMAID level 4 to reduce energy consumption by up to 85 percent
  • Horizontal midplane to maximize airflow and cooling
  • Ability to upgrade I/O port types
  • Expandable with the 4RU-EX expansion chassis

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