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Connected Safety and Security

Technology Partners for Safety and Security

The Cisco Developer Network program provides eco-system partners and application developers opportunities to create and market Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions with Cisco. Customers benefit from industry solutions and applications that are integrated, tested, and validated saving them time and resources in deployment, operations, and support.

Cisco IoT Connected Safety and Security solutions for Video Surveillance Manager, Physical Access Control, Instant Connect, IP Interoperability and Collaboration, and Video Surveillance IP Cameras provide application development SDKs. These kits allow ecosystem partners to create applications easily and quickly.

Unlike traditional ecosystem application enablement, the Cisco IoT platform supports distributed computing, networking, and storage. The platform allows application developers and technology partners to immediately create value and innovation with IoT products and solutions.

With Cisco's open platform capabilities and SDKs, applications can be quickly and easily created. Cisco also licenses its IoT-embedded technologies and software to support embedded applications. One reason is to enable mobile application developers to create innovative mobile applications. Another is to allow for integration with existing IoT products that provide real-time data and metadata to applications for analytics, reporting, or transactional capabilities.

The Cisco open platform is based on the IoT Application Enablement (IOx) application development framework. It allows developers to support IoT connectivity to individual devices, applications, and interfaces across the Cisco IoT portfolio.

Cisco provides an application development platform and SDK for our IP cameras so that applications can run in the cameras and be easily managed. Applications can be connected analytics, reporting, metadata, or location-based. Or they can be audio-, video-, or SIP-based, running directly on Cisco cameras.

Cisco provides an open SDK and supports open licensing and embedded applications for mobile devices (Android and iOS) through the Cisco Instant Connect SDK. Or use open SDK and licensing on desktop IT applications with Windows-based SDK plug-ins to support integration with enterprise and business applications. Examples include ERP, computer aided dispatch, records management systems, and location and mapping software.

Cisco provides an open SDK for integration with Cisco Video Surveillance Manager and Cisco Physical Access Control. This allows for the integration of sensors, devices, and analytics. Connected on-premise and cloud-based applications can also be part of an overall solution.

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