Wi-Fi 6/6E Solutions

Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E? Yes. Higher performance? Yes. Deeper analytics? Yes. Better experience? Yes. You'll find it all here.

Your organisation, your operational needs

Choose the management platform that works best for you. Your journey, your way.

Find out what Cisco Wi-Fi 6E can do for your network

Stay informed about this new technology, which extends Wi-Fi 6 into the 6-GHz spectrum with faster speeds, lower latency, and stronger security.

Redefine your Wi-Fi experience

Today's hybrid workplace or tomorrow's ubiquitous connectivity starts with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.


Connect more IoT devices with improved performance.


Support new immersive applications and use cases.


Enable easy and seamless integration into 5G networks.

Cisco products

The path to the future of wireless begins with Cisco Wi-Fi 6/6E network solutions.

Get assured wireless performance and location services

Cisco DNA Software subscriptions provide analytics and assurance powered by AI/ML, for easy troubleshooting and management of your wireless network. Leveraging Wi-Fi 6 access points as gateways, you can rapidly deploy IoT applications at scale with the indoor IoT services in Cisco Spaces.

Transform how you work and support remote users

Develop a highly secure mobile strategy and infrastructure with our services support. Speed time to market while reducing costs and accelerating ROI.

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