820-602 DTCSM

Cisco Customer Success Manager

Exam Number 820-602
Associated Certifications Cisco Customer Success Manager Specialist
Duration 60 Minutes (45 - 55 questions)
Available Languages English
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This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills related to Customer Success Manager:

  • Discovery
  • Benchmarking & Application
  • Analysis & Evaluation
  • Enablement


The exam is closed book and no outside reference materials are allowed. The following topics are general guidelines for the content that is likely to be included on the practical exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the following guidelines may change at any time without notice.

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  • 28%     1.0   Discovery

      • 1.1   Validate the customer’s desired outcome based on information obtained from key stakeholders
      • 1.2   Describe the key elements to transition the customer from current state to future state
      • 1.3   Describe the relationship between customer’s policies, governance, and the adoption strategy
      • 1.4   Identify the key elements of process improvement needed for customer success
      • 1.5   Compare and contrast stakeholder analysis, stakeholder map, and stakeholder management
      • 1.6   Identify the key components of an organization’s culture
      • 1.7   Identify the key components of a customer use case
  • 28%     2.0   Benchmarking and Application

      • 2.1   Interpret and apply customer data (for example budget, spending, revenue, business model, demographics, user base) to:
        • 2.1.a.   Drive Adoption
        • 2.1.b.   Identify expansion opportunities
        • 2.1.c.   Increase retention
      • 2.2   Interpret and apply a gap analysis to identify impact on customer outcomes
      • 2.3   Identify the barriers to achieving the desired business outcome
      • 2.4   Interpret and apply the information gained from market research (for example vertical study, customers annual report, current economic environment, industry analyst report) to evaluate a customer’s success plan
      • 2.5   Develop actionable steps based on information gained from conducting a customer’s organizational readiness assessment
      • 2.6   Compare and contrast case study and use case
      • 2.7   Apply a case study to help accelerate business outcomes
  • 22%     3.0   Analysis and Evaluation

      • 3.1   Describe the components of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
      • 3.2   Map KPIs to their associated business outcomes
      • 3.3   Compare and contrast descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive analytics
      • 3.4   Interpret and apply complex usage and consumption patterns to:
        • 3.4.a   Drive Adoption
        • 3.4.b   Identify expansion opportunities
        • 3.4.c   Reduce retention risks
        • 3.5   Analyze metrics to determine next steps
  • 22%     4.0   Enablement

      • 4.1   Develop actionable steps based on a customer’s end-user readiness assessment
      • 4.2   Develop actionable steps based on information gained from conducting a skills analysis
      • 4.3   Compare and contrast an education plan to a training plan as it relates to customer’s success
      • 4.4   Identify outcomes from a customer’s Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
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