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Cisco Expert Level Benefits

Benefits of CCIE and CCDE membership

Did you know that once you're CCIE or CCDE certified, great resources and benefits are available to you?

Explore the resource and benefits below to become familiar with the perks of being CCIE or CCDE certified.

CCIE/CCDE certification kit

Within six to eight weeks of earning your original CCIE or CCDE certification, you will receive the official certification kit at the address listed in your Certification Tracking System profile. For this reason, please make sure that your contact information is up to date.

Your CCIE/CCDE certification kit will include the following items:

  • Congratulatory letter from Chuck Robbins
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Personalized CCIE/CCDE plaque
  • CCIE badge pull
  • CCIE sticker set
  • Certification resource document

CCIE/CCDE merchandise

To shop CCIE/CCDE merchandise please visit the Cisco marketplace. A selection of merchandise is available to be personalized with your name and CCIE/CCDE number.

Technical Service Requests (Case Routing)

Service requests made to Cisco Technical Support (TS) by CCIEs in good standing, on behalf of an organization with a valid support contract, will be routed directly to the more experienced core TS support engineers. Routing is done automatically based on Cisco User ID; no special phone number or URL is required. This special benefit to access to Cisco’s top level engineering support is provided to CCIEs due to their demonstrated expertise; and requires that the CCIE remain engaged in such matters toward resolution. For more information, contact Cisco Technical Support.

The misuse of this CCIE TAC case privilege and TAC Support Services is considered a violation of the Candidate Certification and Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), and sanctions up to and including permanent decertification may result for noncompliance.

CCIE/CCDE Emeritus

As the CCIE/CCDE program continues to grow and develop Learning@Cisco recognizes that the individuals certified within the program are also growing and developing. To recognize the long term members of this program a new level of involvement has been created.