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Cisco at HIMSS

Between envisioning a better world and creating one, there’s a bridge.

Thank you for joining us at HIMSS 2021 where we shared how Cisco solutions are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare today. Cisco helps keep organizations secure while delivering end-to-end digital experiences for patients and clinicians and empowering healthcare heroes to do what they do best.  
As we look to the future of healthcare in the wake of significant disruptions, we are hopeful. Together, we’ll keep healthcare moving forward in times of change and build an inclusive future for all.

Sessions on-demand

Learn how technology is building the bridge to the future of healthcare and enabling access for all.

Building the Bridge to the Future of Care

Healthcare is at a critical inflection point as the global pandemic has forced a significant shift in care delivery. Technology is now synonymous with healthcare and end-to-end digital experiences are now the expectation for patients and providers. But how do you move your healthcare organization forward into the future of care? Join Cisco for a discussion on how technology can build the bridge between healthcare today and healthcare tomorrow. 

Powering an Inclusive Future for All Through Technology

As patient expectations continue to rise, secure and ubiquitous digital experiences are now essential to drive access and engagement. The shift to digital can also bring challenge, with a growing digital divide between those who have access to technology and have digital literacy, and those who do not. When used effectively, technology can actually increase access to care. Join Cisco for a discussion on how technology can securely power an inclusive future for all. ​

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Cisco Meraki: Enabling healthcare of the future

Managing IT in healthcare is challenging, as you must adapt in a constantly evolving environment. Maintain the highest levels of security and reliability with innovative technology to deliver an optimal patient care experience.


Embrace Change: 4 Ways to Prepare for What’s Next

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Expanding the boundaries of possible

As a leader in digital healthcare transformation, Cisco has the technology solutions you need to deliver patient-centered care. See how we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

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