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Cisco at HIMSS

Between envisioning a healthier world and creating one, there’s a bridge

Thank you for joining us during HIMSS 2022. Now more than ever, we believe that technology can be used to provide an opportunity and access for all, make a meaningful impact, and bring about a better and brighter future.

Cisco’s purpose is to power inclusive care for all, and we are committed to best supporting you as you reimagine care for the future. Cisco is and will continue to be your trusted technology partner in healthcare, delivering a portfolio of solutions that securely connect providers, patients, and staff to move healthcare technology forward in times of change.

With the unmatched breadth and performance of our portfolio, and the industry-leading security embedded throughout our solutions, our customers across healthcare can focus on what they do best, which is caring for patients.

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A journey to better health

When it comes to health, every experience matters. Cisco technology improves the patient and provider experience every step of the way. 

HIMSS on-demand

View from the Top: Powering an Inclusive Future for All

Imagine a world where every individual has equal access to opportunity. A world of democratized digital connectivity and engaged, thriving communities, unrestrained by geography or socioeconomic status. Imagine a world where technology drives equitable access to healthcare, information, and education — with sustainability as a guiding principle for all actions.

The last four decades have seen rapid digital acceleration for people around the world, but progress has not been even. Digital connectivity can determine access to economic and social opportunity, yet an internet connection is currently affordable in only 29 countries. Addressing this imbalance is critical to avoid further widening the gap for those left behind by the digital divide.

Though access to essential services is already under pressure in underserved communities, positive, technological innovations can effectively extend services to those in need. The unprecedented cultural shifts of the past two years — and the related pressures on healthcare in particular — remind us that social systems and businesses must be agile, and future-ready to provide critical care for all.

Join us to examine how digital inclusiveness can create new possibilities for tomorrow, and the actions we can take, collectively, to get us there.

Guy Diedrich

PhD, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco

Cisco Secure at HIMSS

The future of healthcare requires a new approach. Cisco sits at the intersection of unmatched experience and unparalleled portfolio breadth that spans collaboration, security, networking, cloud, and applications. Together, we can empower your healthcare workers with solutions that are inclusive, flexible, supportive, secure, and manage to help you deliver clinical services in a hybrid model, and embrace the future of healthcare.

Powering inclusive care for all

Cisco is committed to best supporting you as you reimagine care for the future.

Expanding the boundaries of possible

As a leader in digital healthcare transformation, Cisco has the technology solutions you need to deliver patient-centered care. See how we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

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