Network Convergence System 5000 Series Routers


This software release has reached end-of-life status. For more information, see the End-of-Life and End-of-Sale Notices.


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What's New in Cisco IOS XR Release 7.0.1

Cisco is continuously enhancing the product with every release and this section covers a brief description of key features and enhancements. It also includes links to detailed documentation, where available.


There are no new software features introduced in this release.

DWDM Tunable Optics Support

This feature provides tunable support for the dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) wavelengths of the DWDM-XFP-C module on the Cisco NCS 5000 Series Routers. You can configure the DWDM ITU wavelengths by using the itu channel command in the interface configuration mode.

The itu channel command ensures that the traffic continues to flow.

See Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Tunable Optics .


Caveats describe unexpected behavior in Cisco IOS XR Software releases. Severity-1 caveats are the most critical caveats; severity-2 caveats are less critical.

Caveats Specific to the NCS 5000 Routers

There are no caveats in this release.

Supported Packages and System Requirements

Supported Hardware

For a complete list of supported optics, hardware and ordering information for NCS 5001 and NCS 5002 series router, see the Cisco NCS 5000 Series Data Sheet

To install the Cisco NCS 5000 series routers, see Hardware Installation Guide for Cisco NCS 5000 Series Routers.

Release 7.0.1 Packages

This table lists the Cisco IOS XR Software feature set matrix (packages) with associated filenames.

Table 1. Release 7.0.1 Packages for Cisco NCS 5000 Series Router

Composite Package

Feature Set



Cisco IOS XR IP Unicast Routing Core Bundle


Contains base image contents that includes:

  • Host operating system

  • System Admin boot image

  • IOS XR boot image

  • Alarm co-relation

Individually-Installable Optional Packages

Feature Set



Cisco IOS XR Manageability Package


XML, Parser, HTTP Server, Telemetry, and gRPC.

Cisco IOS XR MPLS Package


Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), MPLS forwarding , MPLS operations , Administration and maintenance (OAM), Layer3-vpn , layer-2 vpn.

Cisco IOS XR MPLS RSVP TE package


Supports MPLS RSVP-TE (Resource Reservation Protocol with Traffic Engineering extensions)

Cisco IOS XR Security Package


Support for Encryption, Decryption, and Secure Shell (SSH),

Cisco IOS XR Multicast Package


Multicast routing protocols (PIM, IGMP, Auto-rp, BSR) and infrastructure (Multicast routing information Base) , Multicast forwarding (mfwd)

Cisco IOS XR ISIS package


Supports ISIS

Cisco IOS XR OSPF package


Supports OSPF

Other Important Information

  • Country-specific laws, regulations, and licenses—In certain countries, use of these products may be prohibited and subject to laws, regulations, or licenses, including requirements applicable to the use of the products under telecommunications and other laws and regulations; customers must comply with all such applicable laws in the countries in which they intend to use the products.

  • Exceeding Cisco testing—If you intend to test beyond the combined maximum configuration tested and published by Cisco, contact your Cisco Technical Support representative to discuss how to engineer a large-scale configuration for your purpose.

    Upgrading Cisco IOS XR Software

    Cisco IOS XR Software is installed and activated from modular packages, allowing specific features or software patches to be installed, upgraded, or downgraded without affecting unrelated processes. Software packages can be upgraded or downgraded on all supported card types, or on a single card (node).

    Before starting the software upgrade, use the show install health command in the admin mode. This command validates if the statuses of all relevant parameters of the system are ready for the software upgrade without interrupting the system.


    • If you use a TAR package to upgrade from a Cisco IOS XR release prior to 7.x, the output of the show install health command in admin mode displays the following error messages:

    sysadmin-vm:0_RSP0# show install health
    . . .
    ERROR /install_repo/gl/xr -rw-r--r--. 1 8413 floppy 3230320 Mar 14 05:45 <platform>-isis-
    ERROR /install_repo/gl/xr -rwxr-x---. 1 8413 165 1485781 Mar 14 06:02 <platform>-k9sec-
    ERROR /install_repo/gl/xr -rw-r--r--. 1 8413 floppy 345144 Mar 14 05:45 <platform>-li-

    You can ignore these messages and proceed with the installation operation.