Small Business Digital Maturity Study

Unlocking the Value of Digitalization in the New Normal

Next steps for your digital transformation journey

Are you wondering what steps you should take next in your digital investment strategy? See how you are doing compared to other businesses and learn more about the technologies you should be considering to quickly improve your bottom line and be 100% ready for whatever is next.

Digital Maturity of Small Businesses

Small businesses in United Kingdom, United States and Germany have made the most progress in their digitalization journeys. France and Canada follow, while Latin America small businesses hold the most opportunity for growth.

Key Highlights

$2.3 T could be added to these eight countries’ GDP by 2024 if 50% of the small businesses digitally mature

93% of small businesses said that COVID-19 has made them more reliant on technology

Over 70% of worldwide small businesses are accelerating the digitalization of their businesses

Cloud solutions, infrastructure hardware/software and security are the top three technology investments for small businesses in the next 18 months

2020 Digital Maturity Index

Digital Natives were able to grow their revenues 8x faster than the Indifferent and over 2x faster than the Observers


Stage 1:

Digital Indifferent


Stage 2:

Digital Observer


Stage 3:

Digital Challenger


Stage 4:

Digital Natives

How to Become a Digital Challenger: Seven Steps to Success

86% of small businesses "strongly agree that technology is changing the industry". At Cisco, we know that you don't have to be an expert in technology to transform your business. You just need a partner who puts you first. We've made it easier for you to manage your tech via these simple 7 steps.

Case Studies

See how other small businesses are partnering with Cisco to transform and scale their growing business

With approximately 700 animals and half a million visitors each year to protect, transparency and safety are vital for the Birmingham Zoo. When it came time to upgrade its network security, Cisco was the leader of the pack.

With help from Cisco Designed, UK charity Ellen MacArthur Foundation has the right network to fulfil their mission to inspire a generation to re-think, re-design and build a positive future circular economy.

Learn how this rural hospital harnessed Cisco technology to innovate quickly, support more patients, and protect its greatest assets—the healthcare workers on the front lines.