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In today's interconnected and knowledge-based economy, your business's survival depends on how quickly and securely you can respond to customer needs. Until recently, only large enterprises with hefty budgets could afford customer relationship management (CRM) solutions needed to manage the entire customer experience from first contact onward. Today, there are many CRM solutions designed specifically for the budgets and needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

CRM software is designed to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate information about customers, including purchases and returns, buying habits, past inquiries, and service contracts.

With a CRM customized for your business you can:

  • Track performance across the entire organization. CRM software can provide data that helps you analyze such things as average call duration, peak calling periods, how often customer problems are resolved with one call, and more. This data provides management with valuable insights that can help make your business more effective at handling customer calls.
  • Analyze customer data in new and powerful ways. Knowing what your customers want and need enables you to better focus your production and service efforts. Understanding which customers have the most sales potential enables you to focus on them. You can also use CRM software to determine which customers are the least profitable. You'll also be able to easily identify which customers are your strongest advocates and are willing to serve as references or new product beta testers.
  • Speed outgoing telephone calls. You or anyone in your company can instantly call a customer by double-clicking his or her phone number in the shared company database. And you'll see important information about customers who call via instant computer screen pop-ups.
  • Continually modify and customize your customer service efforts. Every company regardless of size, must track the performance of people, processes and workflows to determine how well they are delivering a satisfying customer experience. With CRM solutions you can continually modify your policies, processes and operations to enhance customer interactions, from first contact to most recent.
  • Prepare for success. Is your company growing rapidly? Expanding locations? A single, secure, flexible network with applications like CRM allows you to easily and cost-effectively extend your operations as business conditions change. Your business will be better positioned to stay a step ahead of competitors and offer new services to customers—both of which will help you continue to grow.

Adding wireless connectivity to your network can also help you better serve customers. With wireless connectivity, you can:

  • Stay in touch wherever you go. Wireless IP phones are as easy to use as traditional cordless phones but have a far greater signal range and can provide much more functionality. With wireless IP phones, your workforce can roam the sales floor, office, campus, or warehouse, answering customer inquiries and accessing company data, such as an inventory database.
  • Improve your just-in-time supply and inventory management. Employees can use handheld bar code readers to track packages, inventory, and supplies.
  • Speed delivery and reduce delivery errors. Enable delivery vehicle personnel to access the company database for updated delivery and customer information from their vehicles.


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