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Flexible consumption

Prepare for variable and unexpected demands with a flexible network architecture and pay-as-you-grow model. Purchase only what you need when you need it.

A network that understands and adapts to your business

With a simple and flexible pay-as-you-grow model, you purchase network capacity only when you need it. Whether it’s increased demand or an opportunity to launch a new premium service, flexible consumption is there to streamline your capacity activation. Combined with Cisco’s broad networking portfolio anchored on silicon diversity, fixed and modular form factors, a feature-rich network operating system, and advanced automation capabilities, flexile consumption supports investing toward a future-proof network architecture.

Consumption that’s aligned to your needs

Find out how this simple, flexible pay-as-you-grow, model can benefit you

Technology innovation can be costly

Constant technology changes can lead to a flood of expenses from:

Unused capacity

High-density line cards provide bandwidth capacity that’s rarely fully used on day one.

Sunk costs

Software licenses can’t be moved around the network according to business needs.

Lack of investment protection

Software licenses can’t be used with next-generation hardware.

Pay only for what you use

Stem the flow of unnecessary costs with the Cisco XR Flexible Consumption. This new investment approach is designed to simplify network costs and drive efficiency. It can help you to:

Simplify operations

Easily assess, purchase and deploy your network investments.

Save over time

Benefit from reduced cost of ownership over the product lifecycle.

Pursue innovation

Gain access to software feature upgrades while protecting your investments.

Reduce upfront capital

Realize significant initial cost savings when deploying new hardware equipment.

Pay as you grow

Start small and turn on capacity as your network demand grows.

Protect your investments

Port your software licenses over to next-generation hardware when you’re ready.

The three parts of the Cisco XR Flexible consumption model

The hardware is separated from software suites

The two software options to choose from: Essential and Advanced

Software Innovation Access feature upgrade gives you access to upgrades and the ability to port the right to use the software to next-generation routers