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Meet the challenges of your IoT ecosystem

Extract data

Extract IoT data from all the things connected to your IoT network. Normalize the data to make it usable for your applications.  

Compute data

Compute data on edge and fog nodes in your distributed network. Apply rules to data in motion for fast decisions and data reduction.  

Move data

Move your data programmatically to multiple locations where apps reside. Enforce policies around data ownership, privacy, and security.  

Customer stories

Engie Solar

Engie group, a French leader in energy, is focused in particular on solar energy because it is clean, sustainable, and inexhaustible. Using Cisco IoT solutions, Engie Solar has increased its agility with faster installations and better IT systems visibility. 


ZEISS is in the business of precision, namely, helping customers measure parts in everything from automotive and aviation, to scientific, medical, educational, energy, and industrial. When ZEISS's service-based division wanted to drive its digital strategy, it chose Cisco. 

City of New Orleans

New Orleans has long struggled with challenges in keeping its streets safe. Cisco is helping to change that with its IoT solutions, which are enabling New Orleans police, fire, EMS, and other city services to increase efficiencies that improve public safety.