Cisco Edge Intelligence

Unlock business intelligence by simplifying the edge to multi-cloud data flow

Simplify, secure, and scale IoT Data

Your data should drive your business to new levels. Cisco Edge Intelligence orchestration software simplifies getting IoT data to the right applications at the right time.

What can Edge Intelligence do for you?

Improve data governance and control

Understand and control who has access to your data and where it goes.

Make better business decisions

Get intelligent insights from connected assets to improve the competitiveness of your organization.

Simplify and scale your IoT deployment

Experience a network-integrated approach with centralized management across the network, applications and data.

Features of Cisco Edge Intelligence

Edge to multi-cloud

Experience seamless integration with multiple cloud partners.

Ultimate data control

Direct data to local or multi-cloud environments or both.


Built on Cisco’s industry-leading multi-layered security.


Built on Cisco’s industry-leading multi-layered security.

Data normalization

Create, test and deploy code using popular developer-friendly tools.

See how Cisco Edge Intelligence works

Across industries, companies rely on a variety of data from connected assets to run their businesses.
With Cisco Edge Intelligence, you can reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.


Automatically ingest data from any edge sensor using built in industry standard connectors residing on Cisco Network equipment.


Create intelligent business ready tasks using policies to filter, compress, or analyze data using real time computing.


Create a central point of control to enable you have the authority and security to decide who and where data may be accessed.


Automatically deploy data policies to choose which data is sent to the right analytics destinations with seamless integration with cloud providers.

Integrated with top cloud providers

Built-in integrations with market-leading cloud providers help you move your data to the cloud quickly, simply and securely without any additional work.

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