Smart+Connected Safety and Security

Safer streets and neighborhoods

Making cities safe and secure.

Safer streets and neighborhoods

Helping Protect Cities Against Crime

As cities continue to grow in number, size, and complexity, their infrastructure and services come under increasing stress. Keeping cities safe is critical; safe cities attract the investments, businesses, and skilled labor necessary for economic growth and development. The Cisco Smart+Connected Safety and Security solution helps protect cities against crime, terrorism, and civil unrest. It helps law enforcement monitor public areas, analyze patterns, and track incidents and suspects, enabling quicker response. By combining information from video surveillance cameras, social media, citizen reports, and other sensors, the solution provides a richer view of urban safety.

Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Higher rate of incident detection
  • Automated incident detection and quicker response
  • Increased situational awareness
  • More effective operations
  • Optimized budget

City Benefits

  • Reduced crime
  • Increased attractiveness to businesses and workers
  • Improved planning and resource allocation

Citizen Benefits

  • Safer streets and neighborhoods
  • Ability to report city safety incidents
  • Improved communications about incidents


  • Location monitoring: View live feeds of any surveillance camera to assess conditions; collect data on crime type and location; and monitor social media for possible threats.
  • Incident detection and management: Use video feeds and analytics to verify and detect threats and incidents; alert operators to potential incidents; create incident records; and collect all data regarding the incident lifecycles.
  • Administration: Easily configure and manage sensors, video infrastructure, and policy.
  • Analytics: Report distribution of crime by frequency, location, etc., to aid in planning and to help predict crime patterns; identify areas with recurring issues.

Cisco has teamed with AGT International, a global leader in city solutions, to offer the first Smart+Connected Safety and Security solution. Please read the AGT and Cisco Safety Solution At-a-Glance brochure (linked below) to find out more about this solution.