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Cisco Kinetic for Cities Safety and Security

Helping protect cities against crime

Keeping cities and citizens safe is critical. Safe cities attract the investments, businesses, and skilled labor necessary for economic growth and development. Our solution helps protect cities against crime, terrorism, and civil unrest, enabling government agencies to respond to emergencies and safeguard citizens.

How our solution can help your city

Proactive and informed policing

Analyze crime and incident trends using predictive analytics. You’ll get more effective operations and safer streets.

Interagency collaboration

Deploy simple dashboards that embed standard law enforcement work flows and reduce operational complexity.

Quicker responses

Help law enforcement respond faster with automated alerts from advanced video and social media analytics.

Better communication

Use real-time social media analytics to understand and address citizen sentiment during incidents.

Get Cisco Kinetic for Cities Safety and Security for...

Location monitoring

View live feeds of any surveillance camera to assess conditions. Collect data on crime type and location, and monitor social media for possible threats.

Incident detection and management

Use video feeds and analytics to verify and detect threats. Alert operators to potential incidents, create incident records, and collect all data regarding the incident lifecycles.


Easily configure and manage sensors, video infrastructure, and policy.

Analytics and visualization

Report crime distribution by frequency, location, and other factors to aid in planning and in predicting crime patterns. You can also identify areas with recurring issues.

New financing for cities

Our $1 billion initiative makes it easier for you to adopt smart city technology.

Public sector and the digital vortex

Learn how government organizations can harness digital disruption for positive change.


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