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Automating your network with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

Santana Row

Locator icon San Jose, California, U.S.
Employees icon Up to 4,000 employees in peak season (includes associates)

As many areas of retail and lifestyle converge, Santana Row had the opportunity to leverage their large shopping, dining, and entertainment space to create a holistic and connected environment for their customers. With digital touchpoints being of critical importance for the consumer, Santana Row was looking for a way to easily generate insights about the residents, shoppers, and other visitors, and to transform the way customers live, work, and play on its properties.

  • Connect and engage with customers
  • Discover valuable insights with Wi‑Fi and location analytics
  • Increase revenue opportunities for Santana Row retailers
  • Cisco Networking provides real-time analytics to help deliver a better experience for customers at Santana Row
  • Securely and seamlessly connects customers to the network
  • Provides access to real-time insights about visitors to Santana Row properties
  • Improved Wi‑Fi access everywhere

CMX Cloud has been a valuable resource in having our shoppers … be able to pull up the network easily, quickly, and find information about what’s going on. It’s also a great tool from a marketer to be able to show proven results.”

Collette Navarrette
Director of Marketing
Federal Realty Investment Trust (owns Santana Row)