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Automating your network with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)


Locator icon Park City, Utah, U.S.
Employees icon 1,200 employees

As e-commerce is on the rise, so are the demands to scale network and IT efficiencies. Backcountry.com is an online retailer that was looking for an innovative way to simultaneously reduce the costs required to maintain their e-commerce platform while expanding the capabilities of their network to ultimately grow their business.

  • Slim margins for a pure e-commerce retailer, looking to reduce expenses around technology
  • Scalability of IT staff
  • More cost-efficient approach for operating the network that actually allows the retailer to expand
  • Easy to deploy, manage, and gain visibility (frees up senior technical managers to focus on forward-thinking IT strategy rather than management)
  • Dashboards provide analytics that are easy to see, which frees up time to carry out actionable insights rather than generating them
  • Understanding customer segments holistically

Digital Network Architecture definitely helps us operate a network with more cost efficiency. It definitely helps us because it’s easy to deploy, easy to manage, helps bring much more visibility into the network.”

C.J. Singh
Chief Technology Officer

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