Rockwell Automation and Cisco

Prepare industrial operations for the future

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee transforms manufacturing

Learn how the university partnered with Cisco and Rockwell to launch The Connected Systems Institute—a center of excellence in next-generation manufacturing.

Partnering for digital transformation

Together, we are leading digital transformation for The Connected Enterprise by bringing industrial automation together with industrial networking and security solutions.

Hear what our CEOs have to say about our partnership.

Accelerating the transition to smart manufacturing

Enable business agility

Increases connectivity and interoperability to securely connect disparate and leverage data sources. 

Optimize production yield

Drives greater efficiencies by connecting operational and business systems for end-to-end visibility.

Minimize risk

Protects physical and network assets, intellectual property, and system data.

Explore our solutions

Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE)

An industrial network blueprint

Explore how CPwE can help you design and securely deploy an industrial network infrastructure

Push revenues higher without working harder

Greater sales bookings are within reach when you partner with Cisco and Rockwell Automation. Together, we address IT and OT convergence.