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Industrial Security Solutions

Protect your people, assets, and reputation

Overcome the challenges of today’s growing cybersecurity threats with an integrated strategy. Protect your critical assets with a holistic approach utilizing multiple layers of defense--physical, procedural, and electronic.

What our solutions can do for you

Protect network data

Create physical and logical segmentation across equipment, processes, and devices

Ensure compliance

Embed end-to-end security into factory workflows and operations to minimize property and equipment damages

Connect devices securely

Help IT make data meaningful and securely accessible for use across the entire organization

Work together

Equip your operations with an understanding of best practices and policy alignment to ensure uptime is high priority

Industrial security solutions


Lay the foundations of a robust infrastructure to cope with any and all security threats in a constantly changing cyber landscape.

Physical security

Ensure the safety and security of employees and assets through video surveillance and threat analytics.

Strong-as-steel network security in a connected factory

To enable uninterrupted communication, it’s essential to have a fast, reliable and high-performance architecture and the right network devices for an industrial environment like ours. Cisco’s has laid the foundation for increasingly advanced and effective automation.

Livio Bonatti, Network Infrastructure Manager, Marcegaglia

Partner with us to solve problems holistically

Realize the value of your technology through Cisco. Better anticipate industry changes, implement technology, secure your factory, and reduce risk. Cisco can help you make the most of your connected solutions.