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Healthcare Business and IT Operations Solutions

Optimize IT infrastructure and processes

For a healthcare organization's business and IT operations, technology transformation can improve the bottom line. Maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and keep costs down. Boost staff productivity and automate your network.

Our digital network and data center solutions, combined with collaboration, help you improve workplace efficiencies.

Transform your healthcare organization

Streamline staff communication

Make it easier and more cost-effective for staff to share information, collaborate remotely, and participate in training.

Gain insights with analytics

Turn data into contextual, actionable, and predictive insights to help you solve problems in real time.

Automate IT management

Accelerate and simplify network management so you can respond dynamically to today's digital requirements.

Protect against network threats

Reduce risk. Quickly detect attacks to help protect patients, critical medical systems, and sensitive data.

Network improves staff and patient experience

"Our Cisco network brings it all together. Having a solid platform for digital healthcare is vital. We're able to work more efficiently, flexibly, and securely, and deliver better outcomes and quality of care to our patients."

Glen Kearns, Vice President of Diagnostic Services and CIO, London Health Sciences Centre

Business and IT operations solutions

Virtual meeting and training optimization

Simplify meetings and trainings with solutions that bring teams together. Provide face-to-face interaction through video collaboration for staff anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Data center

Fuel healthcare innovation with high-performance computing and exceptional application experiences. Drive hybrid IT transformation that is flexible, reliable, and highly secure.

Cloud-managed network

Manage IT solutions from the cloud with centralized visibility and control, easy mobile application deployment and maintenance, and Internet access for patients and visitors.

Cisco DNA for Healthcare

Get faster, flexible deployment and simpler centralized management. Transform your network so IT can get up and running in days rather than months.

Introducing HIMSS Analytics INFRAM

Cisco has been working with HIMSS Analytics to inform the development of Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), a new standard for measuring adoption of hospital infrastructure technology. INFRAM helps healthcare leaders assess and map the technology capabilities required to reach their facility's clinical and operational goals--and to meet international benchmarks and standards.

Using INFRAM, healthcare provider organizations can help improve care delivery, reduce cybersecurity and infrastructure risk, and create a pathway for infrastructure development tied to business and clinical outcomes.

Read the white paper Read the At-A-Glance

Experience tomorrow's healthcare today

Explore how hospitals and clinics are using Cisco technology across the continuum of care.


Cisco Services help healthcare IT teams worldwide design, manage, and maintain digital business platforms for healthcare organizations.

Cisco across the continuum of care

See where our solutions fit throughout the patient's journey, from intake to home care.

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