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Clinical, business, and IT operations

Rising costs mean hospitals need to boost staff and building efficiency and automate IT.

Healthcare operations challenges

Within an average 500 bed hospital:


3.4% operating margin for a typical community hospital


278 unique IT systems required for care delivery


6.6 IP devices per full time employee by 2020 (3.5 per person today)

Capabilities and solutions

Temporary field hospital

Rapidly deploy temporary, compartmentalized hospitals to provide care in mobile, pop-up, and drive-through locations. Accelerate deployment by leveraging Cisco Customer Experience expertise. 

Cisco Customer Experience >    Cisco Meraki >    Rapid Response Network Bundle >

Next generation data center

Fuel innovation with high-performance computing and exceptional application experiences--built on a flexible, reliable, and highly secure data center and multicloud infrastructure.

Network optimization

Maximize the value your network provides--for communication, collaboration, security, and, above all, better patient care.

Administrative collaboration

Boost productivity across your organization by breaking down the barriers to open communication and collaboration across departments.

Facilities and equipment monitoring

Cut costs and eliminate inefficiencies through constant tracking and instant visibility into facilities and equipment.

Network, data center, and facilities insights

Today, healthcare demands IT-driven experiences, including mobility, IoT, and EHRs. Implementation depends on operational needs to reduce costs, be flexible, and maintain quality care.

Healthcare virtual tour

Explore how our solutions and our global ecosystem of partners can help optimize clinical, business, and IT operations.